Prophecy through Sis Julie Betz

As far back as the Ancient of days, so has been these angels of darkness, who love themselves only. They have been manipulating My earth and My people for so long.  They have been allowed for a time as this.  For they believe they will win in the end and all of My creation will be swallowed up by them.  They hate your very essence as they hate their maker. They have abused, oppressed, and possessed My creation for a long time in creation.  Their plans and purposes are for your demise.  They are playing out their theatrical drama at this time.  The players are in place as you write this.
In truth there is no bad guy, good guy scenario.  For there is only life or death in the spirit realm.  There is the tree of Life or the tree of good and evil.

I AM the the tree of Life, for that is what I give, Life.  Many do good and evil upon the earth but they do not give life ever lasting.  For it is only through Me that you can receive it.  Understand? Your life is a manuscript on this earth.  Some even walk theirs’s out in a maze, repeating same old things.

Distractions are all about taking My people off of Me.  Entertainment is at the top.(I was to look this up) meaning –  keeping audiences attention, occupation of mind, diversion.  Your lives will drastically change over the short time ahead. These so called alien demons have been on your planet a long time.  Planning and plotting for your demise.  Using and abusing My creation, why you ask, so many fall for their luring traps and free will takes over.

But I have called you to resist the evil one and follow after Me.  For Mine is the Kingdom of life everlasting.  Those that give their all to Me will not perish amongst the rubble.  Children those that stay after the world will perish with the world.  Some of My people feel the yearning inside themselves of another place they belong.  This is okay children for your soul and spirit knows Me and we dwell together.