Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz

Blasphemy, mockery, these people come against all that I AM.  Truth, Justice, is who I AM and it shall be from Me. I shall loose My Spirit of Justice upon this land.  Whoa to those who call yourself just, for you will receive My Justice of Truth.  Not the lies you hide behind in your castles made on sand. My Justice shall shake your land and bring it to your knees, all those who who hide behind the gavel and think you are better than My people.  For you are cowards in robes of injustice and unrighteousness and you do not follow Me.

Things will take place that are called unprecedented.  Your leaders have fallen from under God and there is an injustice that brews all over your nation.  But I the Lord your God will bring this nation back into My fold for I have not given up on My people.  I will lead My people unto the land I have promised.