Prophecies that occurred during the Sunday evening teaching Sid Roth – Kevin Zadai

Word #1

I’m just hearing God say we are in one of the biggest transitions that church history has ever been in before and in this transition there are many things that we are not going to understand or recognize but we are to just go with the flow of what God is doing. He’s telling me to “Quit trying to figure Me out and just go with the flow”.

Word #2

God’s going to do His part. So don’t be surprised at what happens to you. In the services or out of the services- in your homes… He doesn’t care where you are at, He’s just going to move upon you.

God is doing a new thing in our lives and He’s saying it’s a deeper longer lasting thing than He’s ever done before, and: As you yield to Me, then I the Lord thy God, I will do the mighty works through you that I have foreordained to do through you.’

So we just have to just trust God and just move forward. And I don’t care if you’re like me and you’re not feeling nothing, you just know it’s there.. Or you might be all excited, you might be weeping, shouting, dancing- whatever, but just do whatever it is that God’s moving upon you to do.

God’s telling me the angels are on their assignment and they are going to fulfill their assignment no matter what you think of it- so if you said here I am God use me, well then, you opened yourself up for an adventure.

And I’m hearing God say some of you have gone through some really, really, really big trials and tribulations, but those days are over. Now it’s just days of total triumph where God’s just going to use you and you’re just going to be the happiest little bug in the rug that you’ve ever seen. I’m hearing Him say that joy unspeakable has already come into the House of God and it’s going to remain there, and the enemy is not going to be able to steal that joy ever again. You have to always remember that he is a thief and he will steal whatever you allow him to steal. So what are you holding onto? Keep holding onto it. Don’t allow the enemy to come and steal. You know you’re holding onto the promises of God, right? Then just hold on, because we have already stepped- and this morning we have stepped over a new threshold. We’ve stepped into a deeper meaning of what our walk with God is all about. And now what you have to do is hold onto that, because the enemy is going to try to steal that.

Word #3

How many of you have just been having weird thoughts lately? It’s just there- you can’t figure out where it’s coming from. That’s God. He’s trying to move with the mountains and He’s trying to work through you so you can help Him move the mountains. He said there’s mountains of depression that are out there that He wants to use you to move those mountains of depression. All the heaviness that’s in the atmosphere is God stirring up the dark things that are in people and He’s bringing them to the forefront so that they can deal with them and He can use you to help them deal with them.

Word #4

You who came up here and said you wanted the fire, God is giving you that fire and He expects you to cherish it and to honor Him with it.

Word #5

Some of you in here tonight, God is saying that you walk a troubled path because you will not yield everything over to God. Yes, your past was troubled, but God said your past was your past and when He called us over the Jordan, He told us the past was done with and we were walking in the new and you refuse to walk in the new because you still want to hang onto the old self, the old ideas, the old ways, and God is saying it’s not gonna happen. It’s not going to work in this dispensation of time. You have to walk in the new giving up the old; and some of you, you’re causing your own dark life because you feel good when you hold bitterness against someone else. You feel good when you can say “Aha, I told you so.” That never was God and it isn’t God tonight. You need to release that right now into God’s hands. You need to set yourself free right now.

Some of you are making yourselves become bastard children because you refuse to love. You refuse to forgive and you refuse to forget and you cannot be a child of God as long as you hold on to these kind of traits.

Word #6

God is lining His children up so that they don ‘t get caught in the snare of the fowler and get caught out there in pride and the enemy will take you off course. You can’t say “Well. look what God did through me.”, because He can use a donkey. He doesn’t have to use you.