The season has changed. Fall is among us and it is time to put away the summer clothes and bring out the cooler weather attire. The time for hot chocolate, raking leaves, and taking a walk to see the change of the color of everything around us has come.

Even with the Covid-19 being here and how it has forced many changes in our lives, it is still the perfect season to not just let the leaves do the falling but we need to be falling on our knees. We need to be falling deeper in love with Jesus. Being in love with Jesus will increase your love in marriage in many different ways.

Being in love with Jesus will increase our relationship with God. God has been calling us to come draw near to Him and come into the safety of His presence and into the very depth of His bosom. As we increase our communication with God, we will find ourselves desiring to want to be there more and attaining more revelation on who Jesus really is, and will give us direct instructions on how to do our part in our marriage.

Insecurity can cause a mess of issues and that is another whole topic on its own. However, as we will find our security in Jesus, our trust in Him will grow. We will find ourselves seeking every moment to spend with Him or doing things for Him to make Him happy. It will also allow a courtship between Jesus and you.

When you fall in love with Jesus, a security takes place that will decrease a lot of issues that you will find in marriages. You will be able to stand when storms, trials, and hard times come. You will be able to be victorious through Christ’s strength and not on your own. You will be able to walk with new mercies and new grace each and every day that will help you face anything that takes place in your marriage.

Sound too good to be true? It really can be yours to have. But you have to do something. You have to open your mouth and speak and pray to Jesus and believe. You have to spend time with Him and open your ears to hear what He has to say. The Holy Spirit will guide you and give you all that you will need even when your spouse is not ok. You will find a new strength to your spouse because you will no longer look to your spouse for things that they cannot give you because you will depend on Jesus to give it to you.

One of the greatest ways to have an even deeper intimacy with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is to join with your spouse and fall in love with Jesus together. You can do this by praying together and serving God together. When you do this, you will find yourself “falling” in love with your spouse in a greater magnitude than you could have ever dreamed.

In Jesus you will find that He will bring balance and rest. He will bring you to a new level in your marriage because you will be able to understand things you couldn’t understand before. He will heal you from hurts, past experiences, trauma and from other things that effect your everyday life. As you allow God to do these things, you will be able to see things in another perspective.

Prayer is a powerful tool of communication that will bring both you and the Godhead and your marriage closer than ever before. Just open your mouth and talk to God and watch and see what changes can take place. You will see many impossible things happen, as you “fall” in love with Jesus and you will see He never leaves.