In the previous articles we have been talking about Ancestral curses and getting to the roots of things that are causing us issues in our marriage. One thing that may go overlooked is the fact that many women have an open door to perversion to have its way in their marriage and have a hold of their daughters by repeating the same patterns.

What am I talking about exactly? Romance novels, fantasying movies and day dreams, making fairy tales out to be more than what they are, soap operas, … all of these can cause a twisting in the mind. This causes a lady to reach out to self-pleasure sexually that can cause great damage in their marriage and live in active sin.

I have had to watch a couple of my girls fall into it before God revealed what is really going on. I had no idea what was happening or how it got started. I was blaming it on everything that was obvious. I didn’t give a thought to how people in my family had been involved in reading romance novels and struggled with self-sexual pleasure and fantasy. Since it was an unrepentant sin in the ancestral lines, it went down into my children.

Let’s face it, someone reading a book about a story of love doesn’t really send off an alarm that it is a sin. Reading books are not the sin. It is about the contents of the book. It is about how you allow your mind to digest and respond that brings you to sin.

For example, the romance novels can go in to quite a detail of sexual acts that can bring on a feeling of desire that opens the door to fantasizing. Fantasizing can twist your moral and spiritual detector of what is right and wrong and lead you to sinful acts of masturbation, fornication, and find yourself in adultery. You can even find yourself in idolatry by desiring to continue to read these kinds of books that takes you further and further from God, reality, and into a false reality and sin.

These things brings on a repetitive cycle of shame, guilt, and false idea and expectation of love that can bring a huge separation in a marriage even before it starts. It causes a girl to feel dirty, unclean, and devalues how they look at themselves. All of these feelings if not corrected and dealt with can keep them spiraling down further into the perverted acts and expand upon them. The bondage can run deep and it is important to not ignore it but to deal with it as soon as you can.

These same girls may even look down upon someone who has a pornography problem, or deep into other perverted acts, but do not recognize that what they are doing when they are reading these books are just the same just in a different form. They may think they have self-control and will not revert to these kinds of things, but truth be told, it still opens a door for seeds to be planted and you are effected in some way.

It is time to close these kinds of doors in our family’s lives. Perversion is running ramped on this earth. The world has twisted love in just about every way possible. We need to make sure that we are not contributing to this and stand for Truth, Holiness, and what Love really is.

The best example is to live it in front of your children. You need to commit to having a holy marriage and take a step by getting rid of any type of perversion that has been traveling through the ancestral line.

It is time to get into your prayer closet and ask God what kind of perversion has been in the blood line and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you in breaking these things off and teaching you to walk out of any perversion that you are personally walking in.

Allow God to cleanse it out of your marriage. Come together with your spouse and recommit your marriage to live Holy for God. Let God cleanse your marriage from the perversion and reach a new freedom in Him and closing another door to the enemy.