Last week we talked about where curses can come from. Understand there is still revelation being brought out about this and there are other places these curses come from such as ‘charismatic’ witchcraft and witchcraft prayers, words spoken by others, bad advice, etc. But for now, we are going to look at the reasons your marriage could be walking under a curse and steps on seeking God’s face to be free from these curses.

Why does Satan want to see your marriage cursed? In a marriage you are a double threat to him so he will work harder at keeping your marriage bound, cursed, and separated from the full potential of God. His greatest weapon is unrepented sin.

He will even try to get you to believe that you are not sinning. He will try to get you to think that you are not doing anything wrong. He will fill your head full of lies, half-truths, and so much junk that it will bring in confusion, doubt, and keep you from seeing the full truth.

The truth is we have all sinned. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God. It is so very important to have God search our hearts each and every day to reveal any hidden sin that needs to be dealt with. God wants His children to be blessed and not cursed. He will show you any area that you have been disobedient in. He will show you where your marriage is in disobedience as well.

So why would Satan be so determined to destroy a marriage with curses? Because if a married couple or more than one person can come together in agreement, they can do much damage to his kingdom and he will not be able to stop them. God would be able to bless them and they would be able to show others that God is exactly who He says He is.

As married couples, it is time to get our backs from up against the wall to standing toe-to-toe with the enemy and face anything that causes your marriage to be under a curse. Seek God’s face and let Him show you where all these doors are open for the enemy to kill, steal, and destroy.

First, let God show you personally where your areas of openness are. Expose your heart, mind, and soul completely and let God uncover any darkness that can be hidden. You may very well be surprised at what He reveals. However, when He does you need to repent. Repent from the depth of your heart and turn from those sins and allow God to break the curses.

Second, let God show you where in the ancestral line there are curses that are holding back your marriage, cursing your marriage, and holding back the fullness of God. Fully repent for the sins of the ancestors and speak out what they are. Do not be afraid to face these things because Jesus Christ is right there with you, and He has already given you the power and authority to destroy these things in His name. When you are doing this, you are not just setting yourself, your marriage and your spouse free; but also, your children – and giving them a fresh start.

Third, let God show you any and all disobedience, rebellion, and any other practice that you and your spouse have done or that your marriage has fallen into. Repent and commit yourself back to obedience and walk it out. Break each of the curses that He reveals and rejoice in the new freedom that will come from it.

Fourth, seek God’s face for your spouse as you did for yourself. Allow God to really show you what bondage and curses they have been under and intercede for them. If they are completely walking with God, explain to them what you are doing and ask them to join you. There are so many benefits in the power of agreement when doing the works of God.

Fifth, ask the Holy Spirit to show you any cursed objects that could be in your home, work, car, etc. Deal with it according to how the Holy Spirit leads you to do this. Get rid of the objects that God tells you that you should not have. Do not fight Him because there truly is freedom when these things are removed. You may be surprised at what is revealed in this as well. The object itself may not be cursed but the spirits attached to them makes them cursed. This is very important to remember. Because you do not know whose hands the object may have passed through before you got it.

There is much more on curses and this week take some time to really look into what the Word of God says about curses and how to come from out of them. Seek God’s face to get these curses broken off of you and walk in a new freedom. Watch your marriage blossom and the blessings start rolling in. It very well could be a curse that could be separating you and your spouse. It could be a curse that is stopping the promises of God taking place in your life. Part of getting out of sin is to break off the things that come with it and one of those things are curses.

Walk out your freedom and be blessed.