Have you ever felt that in your marriage or life in general that you are backed up against the wall and nothing you seem to do works, or you can’t quite find your way around what is blocking you? You very well could be operating under a curse.

There are times in a marriage that both parties are trying to get their marriage where God wants them to be and it seems that they keep missing the mark. Old patterns surface, things that they have seen their parents or grandparents do repeats itself in their life, and it seems to be a big mystery why this is happening. It can be very frustrating and can be discouraging and even make you feel like you are blocked from communication with God.

So where do curses come from anyways? There are a few different places you can get curses from and different ways that they can be placed on you by open doors that have taken place in your life. You can curse yourself. You can do this through words you speak. These can be words that you may not necessarily mean and spoke out of the moment but they still hold weight and open doors for curses, if they go unrepented for. The same goes for choices you have made and a consequence could very well be a curse. These curses can come in through acts or choices of disobedience, rebellion, and not placing God first in your life.

God can curse you. God does not desire to curse you but will pass a judgment upon you to be cursed if you break a law that He has forewarned that if you do such a thing you will be cursed. God may have cursed you due to your ancestral line and the sin that they committed and has gone unrepented for. God may have cursed you because you disobeyed something that He told you not to do either directly or through His Word.

Deuteronomy 23:15-68 explains all about these curses. This is all because a curse is really a cause and effect that God set in motion as He was creating the universe so that there would be order. God’s Word and Law do not change and apply to each and every person and thing. We are created for a purpose and to fulfill that purpose we must be obedient. If we are disobedient, our consequence may be – a curse.

Another way you can be cursed is through your ancestors. Just like previously stated, through their sin they could have opened a door that has caused the 3rd to 4th generations to be under a curse. Do you find you or your spouse in a cycle of depression, addiction, sickness, etc. that you see taking place in your family line? Spirits and curses get passed down from generation to generation until they are broken and the spirits cast out. Your bloodline’s words can be curses upon you as they try to speak into your lives. It is important to cover yourself continuously in the blood of Jesus for protection against such words because they do bring on a curse.

Another way your ancestors could have passed down curses to you is through objects (artifacts, heirlooms, etc.) that could potentially be cursed with a residing demonic spirit inside that can actually provide a legal right for the curse to operate against you. You could have learned things from your ancestors that may seem normal to you because it is how you were brought up; but actually those actions, habits, or rituals are activating curses and you are actively walking in sin that you may be blinded to because you thought it was a way of life.

Objects can bring you under a curse. You may be completely unaware that the object has been marked for this curse. This doesn’t change the fact that it is indeed cursed and as long as it is in your possession, you walk under that curse. There are objects that those practicing in witchcraft use to gain access into your life. They use these objects as a gateway to put curses upon you and try to block you from receiving the fullness of God. The devil has been very crafty in this area and has even manipulated cursed objects to be pretty, desirable, and “looking innocent.” This is why it is so important to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in what is right and what is wrong.

Sin can curse you. Sin is a direct disobedience to God. So sin is a culprit to being cursed. Sin separates you from God. Sin is a rebellion to God which is indeed the same as witchcraft. As long as you are living in sin and you do not repent at any time, you are walking under some type of curse.

Satan himself cannot curse you without a gate, object, or sin to use to curse you or have permission from God. Satan by himself is powerless. This is why he fights so hard with manipulation, deception, and persuasion to get you to open the tiniest door so that he can have a way to do this to you. Why? Simply because he hates God and he knows what you are capable of if you were to walk free.

Next week we will go into this a little further, but this week in your prayer closet seek God’s face to open your eyes and prepare your heart to receive the truth about curses that could be active in your life, your spouse’s life, and in your marriage. Allow God to reveal any sin that could be activating these curses. Repent for them sincerely, and be encouraged that you are on your way to breaking these curses and being loosed from them so that you can go into the next level with God and your marriage.