As we are going through this season of increase and correcting our way of praying for our spouses, it is important to pay attention and listen. Pay attention as you pray and ask God what area needs attention in prayer and covering. Don’t just focus on what you want to hear but be open to hear what God actually says.

God can speak through prophetic Words, the Bible as you read, through confirmations, or simply through the mouth of your spouse. These responses may be obvious or may be subtle. This is why it is important to pay attention. Your spouse may look like everything is ok, but if you are paying attention God will reveal exactly what is going on.

One of the big battles that a spouse can face is discouragement. Not only will the enemy try to make them feel inadequate like we prayed last week, but also discouraged. Discouragement comes in all shapes, forms, and actions. Whether we like it or not, the enemy will try to take our words and the words and actions of the family and use them against our spouse to discourage or support discouragement.

This week not only focuses on praying against the discouragement, but also find ways to uplift, encourage, and support God’s hope in their lives.

Remember this is a prayer just as a guide and add whatever the Holy Spirit leads you to pray.

Heavenly Father,

I ask you to give me wisdom and discernment as I pray for my spouse today and that my ears stay open and in tune to receive the Truth that You are speaking. You know what is going on with my spouse that I do not see and where he/she is fighting any type of discouragement. Shine the light in any area that I or the family is contributing to this and give me guidance in how to correct this.

Father, saturate my spouse with Your love and hope. Give them strength as they combat any battle of the mind that would try to distract them from the plans and purpose you have for their lives as well as to cause them to not be alert or sober. May they be able to fully prepare to keep their mind and hope in you, as Your Word says in 1 Peter 1:13 13 Therefore, with minds that are alert and fully sober, set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.

Pull them up from any pit of the enemy that is keeping them weighted down or heavy with burdens. Take them and give my spouse the ability to stay balanced and full of Your hope so that they can give out Your hope as they go forth doing things for Your kingdom. Allow them to see their purpose in You and that they are fully capable of walking in all that you have called them to do.

I take the Sword of the Spirit and cut off all strings and attachments of words and actions spoken against my spouse that has cursed and bound him/her to this discouragement. I shine the Love of Jesus Christ upon these things with the Truth and may the Truth set them free.

I speak life and not death upon my spouse. I ask you to fill these areas that discouragement has attached itself to and was with the Holy Spirit so that my spouse may be full of more of You.

Reveal the areas Father that has opened the door to the discouragement and I repent on their behalf and take the keys of David and close those doors and seal it shut through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

Father, show him/her Your strength in their weakness and build them back up to the place You would have them to be. Allow them to see that you are for them and that they are fully capable to walk out their destiny you have for them.

Keep them safe from all harm and thank you for allowing me to be a part of their lives and share Your love with them. Give me strength and the words to encourage and uplift and to do this past my understanding and be obedient to what You are asking me to do for them this week.

I speak hope, life, love, and happiness into my spouse and into our marriage.

Thank you God for Your hope and love, and set my spouse and our marriage free from all bounds of discouragement that we may be a testimony to Your mighty hand moving.

I seal this prayer in the blood of Jesus and that Your will shall be done in our lives this week. I love you Father.