Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz

Come Child, come into the secret place of the Most High. Here we discuss all plans and purposes of your life before the end. Do not fear for The Lord Thy God has you in the palm of My Hand and the enemy can not take you.

Give My words to those with ears to hear and a heart to except it. My child asks for My truths and My Heart. So be it. The chambers of the heart are full of peace and love above all understanding. The chambers of My heart are eternal; everlasting love for My Own. There are chambers for the unworthy and the ones that do not know Me, but they do not abide.

You see, My Heart has room for everyone. So see, I invite you to invite Me into your heart so you may come into My Heart of many chambers where I may heal you and love on you like no other.

So I would ask you to share your heart with others as I have shared Mine with you. Understand? For the enemy has a dark heart filled with lies, deceit and no love for others. It is filled only with self and contempt of others. So please do not be found with this heart.