I heard the sound of trumpets much similar to the sound of the shofar. I quieted myself and said Father, I hear the trumpet. What does it mean? I began to hear:

I am sounding the alarm. I am sounding the alarm for My chosen ones to hear. Listen. Listen and trust the sounds of the Trumpets of Zion.

There is much that is about to unfold and very quickly in each of My children’s lives. You must stay very in tune to My voice like never before. This is the sound of the shift and all My children must tune in to the safety of My voice. Those who are caught unaware will be taken by complete surprise on what is about to unfold – individually and corporately. Life as you know it is about to take this shift. Where will you be?

I have spoken of the promises that are to come to pass and they are still yes and amen, but I have also spoken of the devastation that will also hit. Will you get caught up in the panic or will you stay in My everlasting peace? Will you let go of the understanding based upon your own way of thinking and trust Me, or will you continue doing things your own way?

The enemy has been fighting to damage the trust in My children towards Me. Will you let him prevail and succeed or will you put all your trust in Me right now, holding absolutely nothing back, and know with every fiber of your being that no matter how bad the storms get that I have you safe in the palm of My hand?

Let go of all your plans and ideas. Let go of every fear and hesitation. Listen to the sounds of My alarms and you will not be caught off guard. Obedience is the key necessity in this time. Listening is a key ingredient that must not be forsaken.

You will see with new sight. The sight of trust and stability knowing that I am your Father, you are My children and that I do protect and warn those that I love. I so desire that each of My children do not get caught in the cross fires, but I cannot force you to do what I have asked.

What side of the shifting will you get caught on? That is totally up to you.