Yesterday I worked with a young lady who has been experiencing some witchcraft attacks against her body, health and job. There were many demonic spirits inside of her tormenting her mind and emotions, blocking her progress in Christ and stifling her blessings that God wants for her to receive.

I explain that there are many different sources of troubles that we may encounter in life, as not everything bad is a result of witchcraft:

  • We have to carry our cross and suffer for Jesus’ Namesake.
  • There is a price to pay {increased warfare} for the anointing you’re asking for.
  • The principle of sowing and reaping in your life.
  • People have a free will; they will do corrupted things in a corrupted world.
  • God didn’t do it, the devil didn’t do it, life just happened.
  • Judgment from God.
  • Negative situations and events can be predestined to happen for a greater purpose.

When working together with her, as we were dealing with demonic spirits of Jezebel and Tormenting spirits, I saw in the Spirit an underground realm of captivity. Somewhere in hell, there was what looked like a storage cavern that had many prison cells built into the walls.

Inside one of the prison cells there was a black box sitting in there by itself. Black boxes have been known to contain fragments of souls and are used by witches. I prayed for the Holy angels to come and assist us and we descended into this region of captivity… the interesting thing, not a demon in sight! Nowhere in this vast cavern was there any sign of a demonic presence. Yet, it was surely hell because of the atmosphere of death and fire; no water or life.

We opened the prison cell door with the key of David and went inside. We opened the black box to reveal a glowing green crystal of some type. When we went to remove the crystal, there was a sticky black tar substance gluing it into the box. We cleansed the black tar and took a battle axe and broke the crystal in two. At that moment, the fragment of her soul was released and restored into Heavenly places with Jesus.

I had since discovered that many types of crystals and stones are used by witches, but also by the new age movement. Different colored crystals are sold and promote physical health, wealth and vitality. Unfortunately, these are the very attributes that hell is binding up and cursing through the use of these new age practices. I am concerned that so many souls are being held captive in hell without a single demon guard. Is hell confident and secure in its methods that they have so many people bound? Are so few reaching down into the abyss to save these souls? If hell isn’t concerned about guarding them, I believe we have a responsibility to educate and liberate the people.