A great devastation is coming all across this land and many will be effected by it. It will be closer to home than you think.

This is not the time to be a loner or disconnected from My Body. It is the time to draw closer in unity and in trust. Isolation will bring confusion, but in numbers you will have the ability to stay stable minded upon the things that are of Me.

There are too many trying to conquer things alone and I am calling the assemblies together to defeat the enemy and to draw the strength that will be needed for the days ahead. Pride separates; but gentleness and humbleness sees the importance of numbers.

You must stay closer to Me than ever and be listening for My voice. You will have to be in complete obedience to what I have to say and what I will have you do. It is in obedience that I can move and bring forth great signs, miracles, and wonders through this trying time.

It is in obedience that I saved the Earth from the flood. It is in obedience that I saved My people from the Egyptians. It is in obedience that I brought victory to the wars and battles such as Jericho. It is in obedience that great things are done. Now more than ever you must be surrendered in total obedience to Me.

Look at the sky and see the signs. Look at the earth and see that there has begun a lack of purity and destruction has taken root. Death has been taking place.

It is time to take back the lands that I would have you take possession of and see that they will prosper at this time and will not see lack. It is time to see that the good will flourish and the wicked will perish.

It is time that My children who are called by My name will be blessed and not cursed. But in all of this be ready to fight, win, and live the life that I have called you to live of purity and love. It is time to put self completely to the side and see that servant-hood is the answer.

It is time to pray for the farmers and for their lands to be purified and prosperous for My namesake. Just as I took care of those in Egypt by My hand so shall I with you. You must listen to My voice and pay close attention to the dreams that I will be giving. It will be answers that will save your very lives in days to come; just as My son Joseph did and many people were spared.

I have already begun My plans when I put President Donald Trump into office. I did so for the doors to be open for relief of what is coming down the pike.

I have begun to build a protection for the nation and to secure it. Those who fight against this do not understand the purpose, and are running by emotions and not listening for Me to explain to them what is really going on.

When these devastations hit great chaos will happen. In this chaos you will see the importance of the borders and boundaries that I have established. Just as a shepherd puts his sheep in a fence for protection from the wolves, so am I doing this to My people who will allow Me to herd them into protection.

I do choose to take these next years and continue to fulfill My plans. My people, you must wise up and see that this is far greater than your mind can imagine and bigger than the picture that you see. You must look past yourself and what is around you and see the bigger picture so that you do not get caught off guard. You must pray and intercede and watch My plans come to pass. Do not grow weary but press through and see the victory come to pass.

You must be diligent in the path that I have placed before you and do not become wayward and lured with the temptations of the enemy. Instead you must stand your ground, and take back anything he has stolen. And protect what I have given you.

The silence has broken and now is the time that I am showering the revelation to My people. Will you give Me an ear to hear or will you allow your ear to be blocked by the clamor and noise of this world? You cannot look at the world as it is now because it will only keep you in disillusionment to what I am going to do. Do not look at things as they appear to be, but listen to My voice and you will not be caught off guard to all that will take place.

The world is going to feel at a loss but you will know what is going on as you seek My face and do the works of My kingdom. This will be a great time of many souls saved, freed, delivered, and going forth proclaiming My name and miracle upon miracle shall take place.

Many will wonder how you can be so confident in Me and not be moved by what they perceive as destruction. You will be able to see that all that is torn down, is torn down so that I can rebuild. When I rebuild it will be a structure that will not fall but will proclaim My name and all will know that I am the Mighty God of Israel.

Do not walk in fear but instead walk with assuredness that I am in complete control and I will provide for My people just as I have promised. Obedience, holiness, purity, and love is the key that will keep you in the complete and perfect peace of My Son, Jesus and assurance in Me.

Put pride and lethargy, fear and bitterness far from you and take on the importance of this time in prayer and listen ever so closely to My voice and you will see how beautiful all this will be as it unfolds.

Do not be shaken into confusion, fear, and chaos. But instead stand upon My promises, My Word, and all will know that I take care of those who love Me.