America as you know it is about to change. There are matters at hand that need your attention, to stand up for what you believe, and support My Word.

I am calling My children to pray about different areas of decisions that are taking place. It is time that My children take a stand against the enemy and stand fighting on My Word.

I have placed My plans into motion. I have strategically been placing those who are willing to do what I have asked them to do. I have placed them in positions of authority and have been getting them ready to handle what is about to happen. But where are you and are you listening to hear My voice?

It is time that you as My people support those I have placed there, encourage them, and intercede for them. There is way too much “woe is me” going on. The servant’s hearts are becoming selfish, stubborn, and hardened. This will keep you in the dark of all that I am about to reveal to My people in preparation of the unveiling.

Your focus needs to be fixated upon Me and allow Me to let you know what you need to place your attention to and leave the rest to Me. There are too many hands in things that are not yours to touch and not enough hands together in prayer on the areas that need to be addressed. This is because of the stubbornness, selfishness, and disunity that has been running rampant in those who claim to be My children.

There is no time for your eyes to be solely focused upon yourself. Get your eyes upon Me. Heed My warnings that I have been giving all across this nation or you will be knocked off your feet as My Words come forth into action. Get a sure footing in Me and stand for My Word. My Mighty Hand is about to move across this land. It is up to you which side you are on.

Learn to trust Me and keep your hands out of things that are not yours to touch and get completely lined up to where I want you to be. Let go of all selfish desires to understand and just learn that as you do things because you love Me and be totally obedient, all will come to pass just as I said. There is no more time for side roads and detours. It is onward and upward or you will lag behind and watch from the side lines. The choice is up to you. I am ready to move.