Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz.

My Daughter presses Me on My truths.

America and world, you are about to see truths that are going to happen all around you. Don’t think it a strange thing when you start seeing all evil around about falling from the sky.

Your movies of invasion is nothing compared to what will happen. These judgments are for the evil one and the unrepentant. I say evil and darkness is what you like, so be it, evil and darkness you will receive.

Those who are Mine and cry out to Me, you will be saved.

The Celestial being that will fill your skies will happen; I have warned of it. It is in My Word so believe it. Prepare yourself in ways you need.

My chosen, My Loves: know your Father has you in mind. For you will speak My words you will heal the broken hearted and nothing shall by no means harm you. Those that walk in Me and I in them, keep drawing near to Me and be filled with Me. Close up, cover, and ground yourselves in Me by staying in prayer and worship; for the coming hate Me and hate Mine. They hate all; even each other.

This event will cause much chaos but it is not the end. Your government has known of this and they continue to hide it from you but they will not hide from Me. They put a fake make believe world in front of you and I AM about to make all reality real.