Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz.

Come My child and sit with your Heavenly Father as I speak with you. Know you have these keys to the Kingdom for all of Mine to hold and use as needed.

My Heavenly gates will usher in My soon to be harvest. I have called you forth in this time zone it will be for many to see. For I AM working behind the scenes on your behalf. My Bride starts to get so antsy wanting and waiting upon their Lord and Savior. Do not be idle My Bride, be always praying and seeking Me in the Spirit. For it is a busy time in the heavenlies and excitement draws near. Be at peace My child- know I AM near.

Tell My People to hang onto Me and do not give up hope. Know this Child: I AM about My business. We will be one in unison, those that follow Me and abide in Me and run after Me. Be confident in Me child. My sheep hear My voice. Keep Me close always. I prepare all who are Mine. Listen for Me more.

Things are set in place and things will begin to get darker before the light. But know you have My light in you and you will shine forth as My bright light.