Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz.

Write My Words, Daughter, for time waits for none.

Yes, I will speak of My 7 thunders- they are 7 warnings.

Those with ears to hear will hear what The Spirit says to the churches; for I have come and warned of what will be. Be it known I have spoke of these things coming upon this earth.

Write My Words, Daughter, for they are of warning. Woe to those that do not obey the Almighty God & Father of all. I will pour out My judgements and wrath upon this earth; for the evil and darkness overflows this earth, yes- brought on by the evil one and those of you who would rather follow him and wallow in his evil ways. Make no mistake I see your sin, and I have asked you to lay all sin down.

As a Father speaks stern to one’s child I too as a Father speak stern to you who are still toeing the line.

You will get to choose one way or the other but remember, I know your heart- as you lie and deceive your way through this earth. You will not do that with Me. I will spew you out of My Mouth.

Repent now; soften your hearts you evil doers or you will be with the father of hell.

Eyes have not seen nor ear has heard what will be coming upon this land.