Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz.

Write these words for ears to hear.

I AM the Alpha & Omega, the First and the Last.

Listen Children to your heavenly Father tho I come to you with warnings yet I do not see as much heeding as one would think. I know My true Bride/Remnant heed all My warnings because they are of their Father and they abide in Me and I in them.

My special ones, be filled with My Peace and let Me finish the work that I have to do in each one of you. For each of you will help My Kingdom grow and take back what hell thinks belongs to them. For he is a deceiver and he is deceived through his own pride. I know each one of Mine that cries out to Me and I say to them hold on My children to My Hope for your Heavenly Father cares for you and we will conquer and bring forth what is Mine. All is not forgotten.

I say to satan, loose My children, for the Kingdom and Glory are Mine and you will be bound. He runs to and fro this earth like he owns it bringing forth all of his A.I.

Do not fall for it Children because it will be used against you, all that buy into his world.