Prophecy through Sis Julie Betz.

Write My words for ears to hear.

The time is coming upon your land where those that are not locked solid in a foundation with Me will simply fall into complete devastation. I have said there will be a great shaking that none have seen since the days of Noah. My children will not need a Ark for I AM their Ark. I will provide and protect Mine.

Children, I did not say it is going to be easy. But you will watch and see ones fall at your side, yet you will be unharmed. Those that walk in Me totally and completely are Mine.

No ears have heard nor eyes have seen what you will hear and see upon this land.

This generation has become a spoiled generation. You want everything in a hurry. The enemy has put this on you, his pushiness has got you right where he wants you: always wanting of this world. As he is always wanting of this world, those that take of this world are following after the one that only takes of this world. This world: making false promises to the people only to continue to follow after the false one, the counterfeit of your time.

Those that continue to buy into his counterfeit will see in the end it means nothing and will fall to the ground.

I make a way out through truth and ever lasting life. What world do you choose?

Those that loathe in all of their newest technologies: you will see, for you will not have a mind of your own but will become a hive mind of the many.

Wake up, Children, bring your families to the foot of the cross through your prayers, for the many will not listen to you alone. For he who stays of this world will go down with this world.

So My children, I invite you to My world.