Prophecy through Sis. Julie Betz

Speak of My Spirit, Daughter. Those with a true and repented heart will have My Spirit upon them. Tell them, Daughter, make no mistake for I will come upon them that are close and follow Me.

There will be a great divide among the nations and My people. My true ones will come out- you will know and they will know who My true beloved ones are. Those that walk in Me and I in them will have My Spirit among them.

Do not be deceived, peoples, for you will find yourselves right in the middle of all I have spoke of. Yes, there will be many signs, wonders and miracles; but not all will be from Me. For Mine will carry and have upon them My Fruits- My Spirits, who walk with them. Know children there is a distinct difference between light and darkness. Which one do you walk in?

Speak more, My child, as I direct you: Those that are playing with matches now will get burnt. I have gave My warnings to come into alignment with Me so you will weather the storm. I have been lining up My true ones: those that I will use for My harvest- those who trust and love Me. You have been in training and you will stand for all to come.

Those that dabble with another have not yet made their strength in Me-know you have little time; for My harvest is ready and My tried and true have come forth. Which one are you?