This afternoon I was going through some old deliverance notes and stumbled upon a particular session we had some time ago, and took note of some deep spiritual tactics the enemy was using against this woman that was bound.

As we were addressing demonic spirits to cast them out in Jesus’ name… we were prompted by the Holy Spirit that these demons couldn’t just come out with a command. They actually had legal rights to stay inside her soul because of unresolved pain, wounds and trauma.

So many people had abused her and created large deposits of toxic, negative emotions. The demons were lodged within these emotions and would only come out when the trauma was addressed and healing ministered to those areas.

When it came to ministering to the mindsets that were created and established from repeated abuse and trauma – these demons that hide within the strongholds of thought patterns and behaviors were moving and jumping around so much, it was baffling.

God opened our eyes to see what was taking place. Deep within her soul – there was a seemingly endless tunnel that kept descending to an unknown depth. Eventually, it twisted and turned and opened itself up into the second heavens.

The scenery changed to the black void of outer space, with distant stars and galaxies. The tunnel exit still visible at close range. There was a region of space where the demons had a base of operations and they plotted and schemed and even operated from this vantage point.

There was a teleporter pad which would allow them to instantly move from one region to the next – each region a different area of the second heaven in a vast network of operations. When we were led to the end of these teleporter tunnels, it went through one last tunnel and opened up to another region of space which contained a massive black hole surrounded by a ring of fire.

I believe this black hole is where the hurt and pain get “shoved down” and put out of sight and are never allowed to surface and manifest themselves.

We must follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and equip ourselves in the armor of God and go with the angelic host to go to war against these demonic spirits that are attacking the person who is bound. We need to use the Word of God and shut down these portals, illuminate the tunnels and bind the demons – and minister to the person the way God tells us to so we can reverse the black hole and unearth the negative emotions and traumas so they can be dealt with and bring healing forth.

It blew my mind how these demons had set all this up, the deep levels in the spirit realm that were operating against just one person. It amazed me how the demons scurried and ran through the portals and tunnels trying to hide from Jesus – even jumping from region to region in the second heavens!

There’s so much we don’t understand. Even more that we don’t know. Praise God for showing these things and teaching us the deeper revelation of God.