The state of our mind is more important than the condition of our life. It’s more important than the numbers in our bank account, the degrees/titles on our wall, than the family we came from.

It is your inner world (your mind) that is a magnet that attracts an abundance of what matches it. The secret is not to change our circumstances but rather to connect with God’s Spirit to change the atmosphere of our inner mind. The Bible says our life is transformed by the renewing of our mind. Our life is a result of the state of our mind.

The Bible doesn’t say your mind is changed when your life is changed. Your mind is changed by the Holy Scriptures and believing in them; applying them to your life. Our mind is supposed to be a servant to the Holy Spirit – not a slave to reality. When our mind is not a disciple of the Holy Spirit – it becomes a slave to all the afflictions of the world. Our mind is not a sidewalk. It is not meant to be stepped on and trampled.

Too often we find ourselves entertaining the circumstances around us and investing our thoughts and feelings into the negativity that the enemy plagues us with. This is exactly the strategy the enemy uses to pull us out of the freedom and deliverance that Jesus Christ has provided for us. The way so many of us slip back into bondage is because we don’t truly believe God’s Word, we just know it. We doubt and vacillate back and forth between righteous and fleshly living – and this subtracts us from God’s Spirit and causes us to open the doorways to the enemy to fill our hearts and minds once again with the evil nature.

Our minds will either be a disciple or a slave. It is up to us whether or not we are willing to obey, believe, persevere and have faith. God works with our faith and what we believe. Deliverance can happen in an instant, because God’s power is not limited. God can expose the legal rights of a spirit and have them removed, but if the person does not believe or apply their faith into this truth, demons can linger, stay, or return.

One powerful tool is to envision and imagine the Word of God being alive and active. God gave us an imagination for a reason – because we are creative beings made in His image. If we envision and imagine Jesus’ work being done in us and through us, in this example we’re talking about deliverance and exorcism – then the demons must flee as we apply our faith and belief to seeing Jesus bind them and remove them from our souls.

In like manner, we can focus on God and see in the Spirit how the very Word of God is alive and rearranging our minds to line up with His principles and precepts. We can sit back and watch God’s power touch and restore our hearts, fragmented minds and shattered souls to create new mindsets and new hearts within us to serve the living God.

What are you believing for? How much faith do you place in what Jesus can do for you? Are we limiting God in His desire to set us free and heal us, or are we making the walk more difficult by moving forward, facing backwards?