The following are prophetic words that were given to Sis. Julie Betz:

June 11, 2018
Yes, child cleanse yourself before Me. I Am the one who loves you I have spoken many things over you and they will come to pass. I lift you up in the heavenlies to commune and learn of My ways. I am having you seek Me more deeply so it can reach deep into your soul to push out all that is not of Me and I will fill more and more of Me, My Spirit, so all truth will be there and the enemy will have no way in. Know this little one the enemy lurks around trying to deceive you in ways that are not of Me. Keep it simple.

July 3, 2018
Write these words for ears to hear. The coming collapse of your dollar is already foreseen by your government. They know they have a short time before as they would say ‘all hell breaks loose.’

This is correct all hell will break loose and come upon this land. Some worry for coming economic collapse. But I tell you there is much more you should be concerned about coming upon this land. Woe to those who say they speak My word but do not seek Me for it but lean on their own understanding. For I have said this world will fade away as you know it and that will be in more ways than one.

Be it known I have spoke of all these things in My word but many do not heed it. Prepare yourselves in ways for what your household needs are but mostly prepare in Me. For I Am your great provider and I fail you not. I Am Jehovah-Jireh the one who was and is and is to come. Come before Me My precious child for you all do not understand the power and might that will flow though this land that will be from Me. As you invest in the flesh nature for survival first invest in Me, seek Me, come to Me, love Me and find Me. For My love is not the love of this world.