The following are prophetic words given by God to Sis. Julie Betz:

February 24, 2018
Write these words for ears to hear. Son of man My Power and Might will come upon this nation through My chosen beloved ones. They will have the integrity and humbleness it requires along with

My Love, Peace and understanding to carry this power and might.

Be it known children you must walk completely in Me before My power and might will fall upon you. You are vessels of the living God filled with My Holy Spirit and I require holiness for My people so the enemy has nothing in you. You will see the authority you will have through Me to do the mighty works I will have you do. Be at peace. Know I Am God.

April, 2018
My daughter write these words for ears to hear. The devastation coming across this nation America will be horrendous for the people upon it. As I have said My people who are called by My name will be safe and will be doing My mighty works. You who have Me in you and abide with Me will know your assignments, will know your orders and will have signs, wonders and miracles come through you only by My Spirit.

Don’t think the enemy will not have his minions on the scene as well trying to discredit and condemn My chosen. I tell you My army will rise up and they will not falter for anyone or anything. They will have My power and might upon them which will not be altered or tampered with by anything on or under the earth. I the Lord thy God have spoken and it is yes and amen for My loved ones.

May 6, 2018
My child listen closely to your heavenly Father. Be that it may, I have rights and purposes for My peoples. I cover them with the precious blood of My son. Those who come to Me with a true and repentant heart will see My Kingdom and Glory and Power from on high. My authority will rule all over, not man’s authority or the enemy’s for they have no authority.

Their lies will and are being exposed. Their peace and safety are false and fake to the core of their very being. They are sent here from the pits of hell to trap My children with their make believe world. I, My dear ones, am all truth – My world is very real for all to see and be in. But like all things it costs. So many of you still need to give up this worldly nature.

Change is coming for those  of you who are following Me with closeness you have no worry. But those who look to the world around them to save them there is no hope for you. For My hope is not there. My hope is only with Me your heavenly Father who sees all and knows all. I Am the hope. My Son is the truth and the way, all other ways lead one way down a different path to hell. You may choose your way that is your will. Like they say, Have it your way.

June, 2018
Write My words for ears to hear. Come seek Me and you will find heaven on earth. I Am Alpha and Omega. I come to set the captives free. Don’t you know you are a child of God. Then I expect you to act  like a child of God. The enemy plaques your minds daily. I have given you the power and authority to tread on serpents. So tell the slivering serpent where to go. Keep him out of your lives. Clean up children give the enemy no room in your life. He is trying desperately to tear you down so you take your eyes off Me. Focus on Me. He has little time and he is trying on all sides to tear you down. Look up, Praise and worship Me your Almighty God and Father.