Many transactions are taking place right now in the spirit realm to free up My chosen children so they can go forth unhindered and undaunted to do My Will; for at this given time many things {must} transpire in the spirit realm or {all} will be lost. I can no longer hold back the tide. The tide has to go forth and bring in the harvest of souls at this given time; for this is the appointed time. Beware of all those who make you stumble and fall because they themselves do not want to walk upright before the Living God.

Woe to those who have transgressed My Laws over and over again thinking I will not act. I am acting on their devious ways right now and they are going to see the full brunt of My rod of chastisement. Some will be saved by grace; but others are judged for eternal hell and fire.

I have spoken long enough and now they are going to start feeling the chastening Rod. My angelic host have already been dispatched to do this works for Me.