My children, the battles are raging and the storms are blowing. This is no secret. To what vantage point are you looking at the fight?

If you are looking at it on the ground you will only be able to see what is before you and fight only what is confronting you unaware on what is coming. This is what it is like when you are trying to fight in your own strength and knowledge.

If you are fighting from the rooftops you will see the enemy coming and have time to prepare the attack and attack with the eye view of seeing what is coming up to the horizon. This is what it is like when you are fighting with the understanding that you need to be engaged in the battle. You are at a better vantage point than the one on the ground but I am calling you to come up higher yet.

I want you to release the battle into My hands and come up into the heavenly realms where you will have an eagles eye view on what is really going on and what is yours to fight and what I have My angelic hosts taking care of. This will bring you into the best vantage point because you will only be dealing with what is necessary and be able to see what is coming and what is running away before it gets to you.

Search yourself to day and see where are you fighting from? What view are you able to see the enemy? How much are you relying on Me to have your battles fought for and taking care of?

So many of you My children are fighting unnecessary battles and I am calling you up to the 3rd heavens and see as eagles see with My vision and with full strength to endure all that is to come and prepare for it.

Come up here with Me and have a change of view and things will change at a blink of an eye of your perspective and things will not be as they seem to of been. Hope will be restored and confidence will arise. You will be able to see that I have been there all along.

All you have to do is take My hand and come up here. Search yourself and see what is holding you back. Do away with it. Come up to the 3rd Heavens and become battle weary no more.