My children, the enemy’s attacks are rapidly coming and increasing as the breakthroughs are getting closer. He is trying all that he can to discourage you and turn you away from what I am asking you to do at this time. Now more than ever you need to know and believe that I am hearing every word that you speak and every cry and request you have before Me. I hear you in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon, and in every place and at any minute.

Why are you hesitant to ask Me the simplest requests to the most difficult? My Son made a way for you to talk with Me and commune with Me, so what is your excuse?

You bellyache for the things that you don’t have and for what is going on around you, but have you come to your Father and asked Him? No you have not or you would know that I love you and I do not withhold anything that is good from My children. All you have to do is come and ask with the right heart and it shall be yours.

Open your ears to hear what I have to say. Be in tune in season and out of season for I am talking many things to My children and all they have to do is listen. I am your Father and I delight in My children and doing things for My children.

Come to the well and drink for strength to receive the truth and the strength to walk in the obedience that I tell you. When you do this all will fall into place just as I said.

Ask My children. Diligently seek Me and you will find the answers that you seek. Come and drink of My Wells of peace and of living water and see that you do reside upon the living and the truth and not the dead and deceived.

Ask of Me what you want and need and see what I will do for you. Some of you are going to be very surprised for what I have in store for you so hold on a little longer for some of the things you have asked for is about to come to pass and it will blow your mind how it is all going to happen.