Why is Living Holy so Difficult? How to Obey the Lord with an Easy Yoke and a Light Burden.

Greetings Lighthouse Members,

God has been calling us to a holy lifestyle, living righteous and upright before the Lord. He has been telling us that without holiness, we will not see Him. So why are there many within the Body that are having such a difficult time committing to holiness and righteous living?

I believe there is something to glean from the Scriptures in the book of 1 Kings Chapter 6. King Solomon is building the temple for the Lord, and God is saying that He will dwell in the temple forever, provided the Israelite’s follow His commands:

[1 Kings 6:13] And I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel.” (NIV)

But there is a deeper depth to this verse than most people realize.

This verse summarizes the temple’s main purpose. God promised that His eternal presence would never leave the temple as long as one condition was met: the Israelite’s had to obey God’s law. (You will see this if you read the context of this verse within the Chapter).

Knowing how many laws they had to follow (in the Old Testament), we may think this condition was difficult. But the Israelites’ situation was much like ours is today: they were not cut off from God for failing to keep some small subpoint of a law.

Forgiveness was amply provided for all their sins, no matter how large or small. As you read the history of the kings, you will see that lawbreaking was the result, not the cause, of estrangement from God.

The kings abandoned God in their hearts first and then failed to keep His laws. When we close our hearts to God, His power and presence soon leave us.

Without God to help lead, guide, and direct us – we are doomed to fall short and stumble in our own folly. A holy lifestyle and righteous living can be maintained without this stigma of impossibility when our hearts are totally submitted to the Father. As long as we never abandon God’s principles and precepts in any area of our lives, obedience will be second nature because of the deep love we have for God.

This is why the ministry of deliverance is critical – it can show and reveal to us areas of our hearts and lives that are possessed or have sin within its members, and can be cast out to receive freedom and healing which brings about wholeness and restoration in Christ – which then enables us to do all God is asking us to do.

God never asks us to do anything that is impossible – and would not give us more than we can bear. Therefore, we can live holy lifestyles with upright and pure hearts. We must shrug off the stigma of ‘keeping up with all the laws’ and simply obey the law of LOVE from which all obedience and holiness will flow.

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team



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