Greetings Lighthouse Members,

What an interesting week we have had with deliverance and exorcisms!

Earlier in the week we worked on a young lady that was freed from spirits of fear and confusion. These spirits lodged themselves into trauma and pain, spreading their roots deeper into her soul. A grave situation unfolded in her life as a wanted fugitive busted her door open and demanded to be harbored within her home, while shortly after the cops busted in and drew their guns pointed at her hollering and frantically searching for the still-at-large fugitive.

What a terrible thing to happen, as the demons used this fear and insecurity to reinforce themselves – but God had a different plan in mind! He touched these wounded areas of the soul and erased the traumatic waters out of her system and deep pockets of fear. Underneath of this, anger rose up at all the pent up frustrations from having to exist within these circumstances. As more pain and spirits flushed out, God dealt with the deeper wounds from childhood (the foundation of these strongholds).

These spirits thrashed about and kept telling us that they weren’t going anywhere. While we persisted, Jesus came through and set her totally free of these spirits and their demonic baggage.

Later on we worked on a young man from India, via Skype. The enemy had clouded his mind with confusion and witchcraft. Once he was married recently, the demons from the wife’s generational line entangled with him and a whole new set of oppression and bondage took place.

The spirits had him so bound in his mind that he could barely work giving presentations for companies and businesses. So much witchcraft came upon him, a born again believer in Christ who attended church his whole life – just by being married to someone who was into alternate religions. Marriage will join two people together as one but it will also join together every curse, every demon, every iniquity and bondage! This is why I stress so much to be equally yoked and go through exorcism and deliverance to remove all the curses, all the iniquity and bondage before ever getting married. It is worth the wait!

Then tonight, a massive and powerful exorcism involving deep African witchcraft. In the nation of Ghana, I have seen so many powerful spirits of death and murder attempting to destroy the lives of these people. We have experience in dealing with African witchcraft, typically we have dealt with people from Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana. Deep rooted ancestral witchcraft and sacrifices.

In this young woman, there was a fragment of the husband inside of her. Yet this soul invader was not alone… the soul invader of the husband controlled a captive fragment of her own mother inside of her and caused her own mother to come against and attack her! She would see her mother in dreams crying out for help, beaten down and helpless, with no escape. This was symbolic of what was happening with the witchcraft control between the two soul invaders.

It was a new revelation to see one soul invader controlling another captive fragment of a family member. To see the one invader trapped and under manipulation was a sight to behold – and God led us to free the captive soul invader and remove the controlling one after it. Much freedom took place afterward. We continue to minister to her because of the many deep layers of witchcraft upon her, and the continuous agitation of willing vessels that live with her. God is more than able and faithful and has been giving her freedom more and more each time. Praise the Lord!

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team


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