Greetings Lighthouse Members,

I want to share another awesome experience that God has blessed us with in the freedom and deliverance of another soul! A young lady has been coming in seeking freedom – and God has been faithful in supplying His liberation to the captives. This week, many deeper spirits surfaced and were removed.

Spirits of death were targeting her – and she was believing the threats of the people who performed witchcraft over her, living in fear and giving access to the demons. This was all rooted in a traumatic experience in which she was one day totally kidnapped and held against her will and had to answer interrogating questions and was forced to relinquish all her monies to the attackers.

No wonder there were so many spirits and wounds… God dealt with each one, each trauma, and took her back to the moment of pain and addressed each individual spirit that entered in through the terrible experience. As it turns out, soul invaders of the attackers were inside of her and were removed; and the people practicing witchcraft over her were using this experience as an anchor to settle deep within her.

The people who practiced dark magic said to her, “You are powerful and we can see that – you have more energy than most, but we can’t use you because you belong in the church.” They saw the anointing and the calling upon her life from God – they wished to twist and usurp her destiny but she was already in the door of the church – and they couldn’t steal her anointing completely. However, they infused part of their souls into her seer anointing and this was causing here severe headaches and pressure behind her eyes. When the soul invaders and their accompanying demons were cast out, the pain went away.

Sometimes freedom comes in layers, sometimes God gives us a small portion – and we must cultivate that freedom and nurture it so that it can grow into greater freedom. We must not doubt what God has done for us, and secure our position and fight the enemy on all sides when he does come with backlash and retaliation. We ministered these principles to the young lady, and she is learning to be steadfast and strong in Christ even if her vessel is weak and afflicted. God is faithful – He will restore!

You can already tell her freedom is taking roots and it shows in her countenance and in her face. God is always faithful – we (as deliverance ministers) must be steadfast, secure, dedicated and persistent in doing our part so that we ensure God is not hindered in doing His work through His vessels!

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team


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