New Age Witchcraft and Satanic Strategies Defeated!

Greetings Lighthouse Members,

What an amazing session we had today, by the grace and mercies of our Lord Jesus. We worked on a young lady today that suffered much cloudiness and confusion – a lot of hindrance and oppression in her atmosphere. Having recently been freed from deep demonic bondage almost to a suicidal state, God continued His miraculous work by revealing much of what was taking place in the spirit realm around her.

Soul travel, astral projection, the cursing of inanimate objects and their effect on her property – to name a few. She kept seeing Y-shaped trees and branches aligned on her property facing a particular point. These were actually artifacts infused with witchcraft power to act as tuning rods and channeling forks to project and propel astral travelers and various dark energies into her home!

She would experience strange vibrations and hear low melodic frequency tones in the air on her property – new age tones infused with witchcraft. She would hear voices in her head with the low frequencies saying “KILL YOURSELF, KILL YOURSELF, YOU MUST END YOUR LIFE AND DIE.”

For sure she thought anyone would think she was crazy – but we know all to well this is demonic and many souls are oppressed with these kinds of afflictions. I personally believe that some people become so personally tormented by demons and afflicted with demonic illness and torments that they are admitted to facilities to waste away – while many think they are crazy. But are they really? Yes – there is mental illness and there is a need for medical treatment in many cases – but there are a handful that slip through the cracks that just need spiritual deliverance and intervention, and they could be freed from their state of mental illness.

I say this because it is Biblical:

[Luke 8:35] And people came out to see what had happened. They came to Jesus, and found the man from whom the demons had gone out, sitting at Jesus’ feet, clothed and in his right mind (mentally healthy); and they were frightened. (AMP)

They were frightened because they knew the man’s pre-existing condition and how it seemed like there was no cure for his afflictions – but then because Jesus cast the demons out – the man was restored to a perfectly healthy sound mind. In this particular case, the mental illness was strictly because of demons. That blew the minds of the people back then, and it continues to do so today!

Many torments and afflictions were healed and completely removed from this young lady today – and we learned that evil satanists were responsible for setting up devices around her property infused with witchcraft to cause confusion and heaviness in her atmosphere, even causing her to hear voices! With each layer of freedom, she feels more and more whole and closer to God. It’s all thanks to Jesus!

Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Church Inc. Deliverance Team


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