Hundreds of Heart Parts in Slavery to Mindsets! Demons React Violently to the Love of God

Greetings Lighthouse members,

I am so excited and filled with anticipation as I write this to you, dear saints! Today we witnessed a power show of God’s love drive demons into absolute utter torment!

In one of our earlier sessions today, we dealt with a woman who had many wounds inflicted upon her by the Body of Christ. This has driven her away from the church in general, and it was a difficult task getting her to appear for our session – many demons were binding her up and influencing her to try to cancel the appointments. But God’s grace prevailed and she was set free today of many bondage’s and torments – many ungodly spiritual marriages and evil cords of influence bombarding her mind and heart.

When God told us to break a soul tie with a person, He gave us the full name of that person – and when we spoke it forth, she physically reacted as the angels cut that cord of bondage. Every evil influence from that connection was flushed out of her, and many spirits of bondage and mind control were cast out of her into the pit by Jesus!

She was totally astounded at the Power of the Holy Spirit as He called out that name – she couldn’t get over the fact that we knew nothing about her, but that’s just it – it’s not us, it is the HOLY SPIRIT doing this amazing work and it is He who knows all things!

In our last session of the day, there was extreme heaviness and oppression on this young lady. I have rarely seen bondage so deep that she could barely finish her sentences without caving in to fear and anxiety. Deeply oppressed, we comforted her with assurance that God will set her FREE from these demonic bondage’s lodged deep with her soul.

As we began to command evil spirits out of her, there was some type of blockage that we could not get past. I paused the session and rallied the team and we prayed against all oppression and asked the Lord for more wisdom concerning this troubling shift in the atmosphere.

As it turned out, the incredible amount of abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of men, father figures, authority figures, had caused many heart parts to surface that resented men. These alternate personalities and heart wounds were fully manifested, and it took a female member of our team to address these wounded parts and minister healing and freedom to them!

This is why it is so important to have a well balanced team that can work together in unity – God will use whomsoever He chooses on the team in unique and powerful ways. We must all be secure in our callings and trust that God knows what He is doing! Each part of the whole has individual talents and gifts that God will use for His purposes.

Once these parts were dealt with, a massive Jezebel spirit manifested. The demon raged back and forth exclaiming, “SHE’S MINE! SHE BELONGS TO US!” We kept pushing forward and driving the spirits with the Word and the anointed Cross of Christ. Suddenly, a desperate voice cried out, “Help me, save me! Get me out of here!” This twisted, demonic spirit had thrown up several heart parts to try to distract us. We split up into groups immediately: three team members persisted after Jezebel and her cohorts while one of us addressed the heart parts and led them to safety in Jesus, separating them from their demonic captors.

When the heart parts were freed from demonic torment, the demons fully manifested and threw us all back and lunged out of the chair and ran for the front door! “I CAN’T DO THIS I AM OUT OF HERE I MUST LEAVE!” it exclaimed, as it ran to the door – we sent the angels to stop the demon. She was then stopped at the door trying to exit but it was locked. We commanded the Holy Angels to return her to the chair, and just then she convulsed unable to move forward and the demons threw her to the ground where she collapsed onto the floor. We bound the demons and told them they weren’t going to distract or hinder any further.

When we sent the angels to pick her up off the floor the demons screamed, “I CAN WALK!” we continued to persist and be aggressive with the demons and they finally retorted, “FINE! ALRIGHT THEN, WE’RE MOVING!” as they got up and were escorted back to the chair – and sat down as though like a child having a temper tantrum. Every attribute of Jezebel was obvious. In the few years I have been doing this, I have seen demons say and do a lot of things… this was one of those times when you tried not to laugh as the spectacle was unfolding.

Jezebel likes to try to distract, throw up lesser spirits, captives, anything it can to attempt to derail and confuse deliverance ministers. You must persist and be aggressive with this spirit, and do not stop until the very root is destroyed and the main Jezebel strongman is cast out!

Many spirits of fear and anxiety, bondage and torment, mental insanity, etc. were removed from her. God did an amazing healing work on her self-image, her identity, and many other parts of her heart and mind. All glory to God!

It is worthy to note that in one of our sessions today, we actually saw many heart parts of an individual that were chained together by the ankles. They were all laboring in what looked like a mine, some were digging tunnels and some were setting up support beams while others were picking away at rocks. All the chains tethered to the ankles of the heart parts (little versions of this person) led up to the surface where a control device bound them and I saw it was labeled as “MINDSET”.

In other words, a mindset was holding all these heart parts (miniature forms of the real person) in bondage and captivity. When I looked more closely at the region in the spirit realm that I was seeing, it was vast endless, infinite dirt that had no gems or minerals to mine. It was all a waste of time with no fruit ever being produced by all this labor – but the heart parts didn’t know that.

God showed us how to lead these captive parts of the heart out of captivity by breaking this ungodly mindset, tearing down false thinking and unhealthy false interpretation of doctrine – and minister truth into these situations.

When we did so, we watched the chains break and God move the heart parts into fertile territory where they could mine gold and diamonds (revelation from God’s Kingdom) as they labored for His Kingdom rather than being in captivity to man’s way of thinking!

In the natural realm, this was causing the person to begin pursuits leading them down the wrong path and into error, or failure. Believing they were doing what God wanted, but spiritually taking every dead end turn that produced much labor but no fruit. There was also a spirit of diversion that influenced these heart parts to be steered in the wrong direction. Very deep, very concerning that these kinds of things can happen to us. We all need deliverance and healing in Jesus’ Name!
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team