Jesus Shows Up In Session, Deeper Miracles and Soul Invaders!

Greetings Lighthouse members,

One of the most memorable sessions we had this week was a lady who came to us because she knew there was some type of oppression around her that she could not pinpoint, and despite her warfare it never seemed to lift. As we proceeded in the session, we discovered much charismatic witchcraft from the Body of Christ.

This is something we experience frequently – while innocent in their intentions, many in the Body do not seek the Lord for His will pertaining to the situation or person they are praying for. As a result, prayers are misguided or “prayed amiss” and in some cases the enemy can seize these prayers and use them for his advantage. This could create a dark atmosphere around a person and cause other nuisances in their daily lives.

While we were commanding various spirits to come out of her and breaking off this demonic atmosphere around her, the Lord directed us to pray that her spirit-man be realigned with Him that she herself would pray in-line with the Spirit of God. As we began to do this, the atmosphere suddenly shifted dramatically and perfect peace entered the Sanctuary. Every concern and care was immediately lifted and the entire deliverance team began to weep and cry from the awesome Presence of Jesus.

I felt glued to my chair, unable to speak as I was overwhelmed with compassion and love flooding my thoughts and saturating the entire room. I saw Jesus take a prayer shawl and drape it over her head and also one over His own – He then knelt down in front of her and clasped His hands around hers and began to pray with her spirit-man. Waves of peace and humility flooded over all of us and we just sat there, reverently and in awe and let Jesus do whatever He desired.

This is the third time I have felt this awesome tangible presence and it is truly like none other. The true Deliverer and Healer humbled us and blessed us with a true miracle – His tangible, real presence. In that moment of Glory, every evil is scattered and displaced by His Majesty and Power. After a few moments, Jesus stood up again and smiled upon her and released her hands, disappearing just as quickly as He came and the atmosphere returned to what it was.

It felt like we were in a totally different place, like we were all transported somewhere as we experienced Jesus. When He left, it felt like we were just ourselves deposited back into the Sanctuary. Even though I know we didn’t go anywhere physically, I believe we went somewhere spiritually.

When we were released to speak after Jesus’ departure, everyone confirmed exactly what was seen and felt. What an amazing blessing the Lord gave us to experience. Thank you, Jesus!

All throughout this week, the Spirit of God has been confronting and challenging the flesh of man and directing people to Holy living. In many cases, this in itself causes demons to manifest in which God deals with them directly. The Lord has been revealing many deep secrets about the darkness within the people and is showing us what to address and how to remove these spirits from their souls.

We are seeing an increase once again in the possession of soul invaders, fragments of humans deposited into other people to influence their mind, will and emotions. We are seeing that these soul invaders are more diabolical than ever. They may be a part of a relative or ex-relationship, but the emotions and feelings they exhibit might not directly reflect the actual person. In other words, a seemingly nice relative could have a part of themselves invade you that operates in total hate and malice. That is because it is only “part” of them – in other words – the part that hates and harbors malice.

Not every soul invader strictly hates and holds on to malice – I am just giving an example. We can’t allow any deception to make us think these soul invaders are not real or that they are directly attributed to the behaviors and habits of the original person they came from.

Definitely worth more study and delving deeper into how these invaders possess the soul and remain inside.
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team