Father, forgive me as I repent for taking my eyes off of you. I am sorry that I allowed the enemy to enter into my mind and afflict me; and I now profess that the Blood of Jesus is able to set me free.

I apply the Blood of Jesus Christ to my mind and my brain. I loose the holy angels of God into every region of my brain to expose and bind every demonic spirit that oppresses my mind.

I command every demon in my brain in the thought realm, past experiences, memories, logic and reasoning, judgment and belief systems to be totally bound and uprooted in the name of Jesus.

I bind every spirit of doubt and unbelief and I break all of their assignments. They are no match for the power of the Blood of Jesus.

I demand that every root be withered and covered in the blood of Jesus and I decree that I have the transformed, renewed mind of Christ within me.

Satan, you have no power over my mind and over my brain. I evict you now in Jesus’ name. I no longer believe your lies. I am not the powerless one. You are the powerless one. You fall to your knees before the Lord Jesus Christ because it is in the Word and it is the Truth.

I command my mind to see Satan as one who is weak and crippled under the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ and I attach every demon to this vision in Jesus’ name. I command my mind to envision the Sword of the Lord proceed from His mouth to pierce the enemy through his head as all his works and deeds fall to the ground dead and lifeless.

Satan, you have no power and no authority over my mind. You find yourself now standing on the outside looking in; bewildered and confused. I command the cross of Christ to chase and persecute you relentlessly until you have fled from my mind in the name of Jesus. Amen.