Tormenting Spirits Defeated by Jesus;
Soul Held Captive in Demonic Thought Realm

Greetings Lighthouse members,

WOW! So much accomplished by our Lord Jesus Christ today! This morning we ministered to a man who has been raised in the church since a boy – his father a minister of the gospel. As we began to work on the demonic presence within him – a religious spirit was pointed out by God to be dealt with first. This spirit would manifest in times past, every time he went to the altar to receive the anointing God wanted to bless the people with. This spirit would cause him to wildly speak in tongues at the altar – and effectively block him from receiving what God wanted to pour out into him.

The analogy I use to explain this is that “super spiritual” religious outpourings of tongues will conflict with God’s desire to have you sit in His presence and “drink in” His anointing and what He has for you in that moment. We cannot drink and talk at the same time!

That religious spirit was furious when it was called out and it was commanded to return and restore everything it had stolen and usurped from him. Just then, a spirit of strife manifested that influenced him to perceive many things as a personal attack against him and he would lash out at his wife and others around about him. This spirit had other spirits under their authority such as thieves of prosperity and abundance. Of course, strife and discord will bind up our blessings and prosperity!

Next, a diabolical spirit manifested in the form of resentment but it had a very specific assignment: the marriage. This spirit was causing havoc within the marriage and because the adults were messed up in bondage; the children automatically suffered as a result. After this spirit was removed, we did a small portion of marriage counseling with him and his wife together (now that the spirits were gone his eyes were opened to new truths and a greater capacity for wholeness).

Perhaps the worst was the fact that the enemy had his gifts in captivity. We just ran into this yesterday – the enemy had implanted a lie through a wound and it caused a stronghold that bound the gifts and held them captive. In this man today, a similar thing happened. He fell into sin, and became loaded down with guilt, shame and condemnation. The demons lied to him and told him that God had taken the gifts and would no longer allow him to use them. He tried and tried to repent and come back to God (to the point of operating in the gifts again) but it never availed. Why? Because wounds, lies, strongholds and demons were binding them up despite his will to be free. He needed intervention.

God’s Word clearly tells us that He will not revoke His gifts that He gives to us:

[Romans 11:29] For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable [for He does not withdraw what He has given, nor does He change His mind about those to whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call]. (AMP)

Once the gifts were freed from captivity – they were restored to him. However, as he continues to withdraw from sin and get closer to God, He (God) will then anoint those gifts so that the power of God will operate through them for His Kingdom.

Afterward we worked on a young man that admitted he was being influenced by pride. As we sought the Lord and dug deeper – we discovered there were various types of pride in operation. Spiritual pride, spiritual gluttony, and an ungodly comfort zone. Truly unique and something new we had not seen before! The spiritual pride and gluttony worked together to receive from God but not share anything with other believers, not even in God-appointed opportunities to reach out and minister to others. A spiritual fat-cat, these spirits would boast of how much they receive and how learned they are, looking important and sounding super-spiritual… but as with any oversized spiritual bloating that is beyond the limits, SPIRITUAL LETHARGY and LAZINESS had begun to set in as a byproduct.

This person started feeling as though isolating themselves and ignoring the Body of Christ was preferable, under the deception that spending alone time with God 24/7 was a good thing. This was creating a false comfort zone that would have eventually taken them out and stifled them spiritually. But the Lord had intervened and revealed these demonic tactics into the open – and God liberated and freed this young man’s mind from all such evils and deceptions.

What was more evil was a part of his soul that was held in captivity. We saw him in the spirit running down a massively long hallway that was like a gauntlet run. Obstacles, darts, trials and tribulations, stumbling blocks and demons all coming down the hallway toward him in infinite waves. It was more like a treadmill that would just repeat forever, and we saw a mage wizard at the end of the hallway firing out spells to attack and torment his soul.

These weapons were literally demonic thought patterns and “thinking bondage”. It was releasing different mindsets to implant into his mind designed to think in a confused manner, and each one was different and they were all compartmentalized from each other.

In other words, this evil spirit was causing him to think scattered, to offer points of reason that were illogical, to cause thoughts to conflict and contradict each other. It was literally a melting pot of mass confusion. All his thoughts would cancel each other out and contradict each other… he would be unable to make a solid decision, total uncertainty would rule this soul.

What warfare we unleashed against that spirit – as we sent the Holy Angels of God in to destroy, bind and dismantle these evil realms of torment. Then God liberated his soul out of this captivity and washed over his mind with the watering of the Word. We spoke peace, clarity and the Mind of Christ into him.

It is very intriguing that the enemy has been working full force to deceive, discourage and cause the saints of God to sit down and quit. I have also noticed that God is restoring gifts and the anointing He desires His chosen ones to have and operate in – the frequency of this occurrence is increasing! God is ready and He is on the move to begin a mighty move of the Spirit. It is right around the corner!

All praise and honor and glory to God for these mighty miracles He performed today!
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team