Stolen Gifts Restored; Deception Lifted;
Heart Pieces Restored with Fullness of Joy

Greetings Lighthouse members,

What an amazing day in the Lord – and He has truly shown Himself strong. We worked with Jennifer, a woman who has been in the field of the Lord for some time. She loves God with all her heart, desires to serve Him in the fullest capacity… but things were not always so bright for her.

Years ago, in the middle of her ministry, she was entangled in a relationship with a man that was not equally yoked. While she was evangelizing guest churches and on the streets, her significant other cornered her one day and said, “You’re full of pride – you should have someone else go and do that stuff in churches, all you do is serve God and it’s selfish.”

What a lie of the enemy – but that lie found a wound to land upon and cause an infection… and Jennifer found herself in a place of confusion. She gave God the glory, praised Him for how He showed up and touched the people… and she said to herself, “God, if I have pride in me then I don’t want to do this anymore, I cannot give you a bad name.”

After this, everything stopped and the gifts went dormant for many years. A simple lie that found a wound to infect, and it spread into each and every gift, desire and motive before eventually placing her on a sickbed of stagnancy. But God is faithful – He exposed this lie and healed the wound and then cast out the demons that were in control behind all of these schemes. As soon as the demons were cast out, God restored her gifts and began to nurture His anointing within her – and even went so far as to take her spirit-man out of captivity.

We witnessed another miracle today as God began to strip down a layer of dangerous deception and delusion. We must be ever so careful of falling into this diabolical trap of the enemy. While none of us are immune to being deceived, we can take measures to safeguard against this attack. By staying in the Holy Scriptures and checking ourselves daily (in addition to being accountable to others) we have a better chance of staying free.

A dear sister in Christ was in a trap laid out by the enemy long ago in her life. This one took a lot of direct confrontation, and I was more concerned about the well-being of her soul rather than her feelings. My friends, Jesus was the same way. I’ll be honest, this is something I am still learning to fully accept and walk in. This transition is not as easy as I thought, but saints I have to tell you that it is better to obey God and do as He requests rather than fearing what man may think about you.

Our sister in Christ was liberated from a layer of delusion as God pushed forward with some hard truths, and the enemy backed down when he saw we weren’t going to relent. It was purely God’s anointing, His truth and His power that broke through the strongholds of darkness – and we give Him all honor and glory for it. After commanding hordes of demons to come out of her INNER MIND (the deep regions that hold onto long term memories and habits) she came to and spoke as a completely different person – crying, in fact, realizing some of the deceptions she had been walking under.

It is only God and His anointed Word that can penetrate the strongholds of darkness, and we are so glad that God has saved this soul from being at the mercy of the enemy. Her very ministry was in jeopardy but God has begun to intervene!

At final, we worked on a man that came to us just wanted to get anything out of him that wasn’t of God. In the beginning, we loosed angels to search and scour his entire mind and every faculty of his brain to dislodge and route out demons – looking for one to pop up in his face. God began to release His light and bring resurrection life into the dead spaces and defunct regions of the mind and before we knew it a spirit manifested on his face.

The spirit of fear came up and revealed that it’s assignment was to lie to him and make him believe that if he is truly open and honest before God – that God would find a reason to reject him because of the deep dark secrets inside. What a repulsive lie of the enemy – but at some level it was believed by this man’s will. Therefore the demon had a right to operate.

We ministered to the man’s broken heart (a heart part was believing this lie) and that fragment had to release this lie and have the wound healed BEFORE the demon would let go. However, several other demons began to surface and manifest and speak to us. One demon said, “If you make us leave, we will kill this man that we have captive. We will make him suffer in torment with us.”

Another demon spoke and said, “We have him bound and he will not listen to you.” Then we loosed angels to bind and silence these demons. We called upon the heart part that was being held captive, believing the lies of these demons – and it was scared. It told us, “I can’t leave because they will torment me… please help me… they are strong and I’m afraid.”

Then a demon surfaced and said, “Jesus is the enemy, He is full of lies and trickery!” We sent an angel to SMITE this demon and ministered truth to this broken heart part. The heart part received Jesus as his Savior and the angels of God took him immediately into the arms of Jesus and they departed. Now the demons were furious and livid – we asked them if they have any legal grounds left and they said “NO!” so we commanded them to go to the pit in Jesus’ Name. They writhed violently and threw the man backward in the chair and knocked over the table next to him. When we laid hands on the man and released the anointing of God into his vessel they shrieked and ejected into the pit.

God also took his compassion and grace for others out of captivity. This was truly amazing. The enemy has been nurturing lies in the souls of men to cause a division between us and God – all designed to stop intimacy with the Father.

I am truly curious about this heart part that was in there believing a lie of the enemy. Even though the man in his conscious right mind would not believe such a lie, but yet this broken heart part had sway over his mind and the demons used it as a legal right to stay inside the entire vessel. It makes me ponder this thing – what are my potential broken heart pieces believing? What type of pain are they holding onto that I am not fully aware of? And if this is happening – what spirits might be lurking inside? This is all the more reason to seek God and discover truth.
Blessings in Christ,
Rev. Brett Connell
Lighthouse Inc. Church Deliverance Team