Father, I invite your Holy Spirit into this prayer session and into my room. I take the sword of the spirit and sever the silver cord that connects soul and spirit together in all beings attempting to astral travel and project near me, in me, through me or around me. I ask you to send a band of angels to bind any and all demons and power demons that would attempt to connect or reconnect these silver cords, and cast them into the pit. Do this indefinitely until none are left.

I break down, undam, destroy and blow up all walls of protection against all the wicked who operate in witchcraft against me. I now return to sender all curses and all witchcraft back to the sender sevenfold, and bind it to them and seal it within them by the blood of Jesus.

I cover, saturate and wrap my mind, heart, body, soul and spirit in many blankets of the blood of Jesus Christ. I take the key of David and close my dream gates in Jesus name.

I ask for a band of angels of the highest rank available to stand and encircle me in a divine hedge of protection; may the Holy angels of God outnumber the enemy twenty-to-one in Jesus name.