by Annemie Munnik
on June 27, 2007,

These spirits are spirits that seek to have sexual intercourse with men and women during the night hours. Incubi is described as a spirit being that comes to have intimate relationships with women while they are asleep while Succubi is described as a spirit being that comes to have relationships with men in their sleep.  These dream visitors are also called ‘night husbands and night wives’. The demon Mare works with these spirits, causing dreams of sexual content.

Prayer to Break all Ties to the Incubus and Succubus Spirits

Father in the name of Jesus I repent on behalf of myself and those in my family line who had sexual relations with evil spirits, familiar spirits, with incubus/succubus spirits, and the demon Mare. I renounce and break any covenant or dedications to the Nephilim, Baal or Belial.

I repent for anyone in my family line that has had any connection, ties, pact or allegiance to the Harlot spirit. I repent for all who participated in any fertility rites or rituals, sacrificed, worshiped, danced before, or gave offerings to any gods or goddesses.

Lord, I repent for all those who had night husbands (spirit husbands) and night wives (spirit wives).  Lord forgive us for rejecting You as our husband and for our unfaithfulness towards You. Forgive us for finding comfort from these spirits and for looking to them to fulfill our desires and needs. I choose to rely and trust in You for everything I need. Please restore our joy and faithfulness to the Bridegroom.

I repent for those in my family line who were involved in astral travel, dark practices such as the occult and new age practices. I repent for any involvement with witches, sorcerers, magistellus or ‘familiar spirits’. I renounce all night spells, charms, enchantments or allurements used by witches and warlocks at night. Please close all ungodly pathways, portals, cracks or seams into ungodly realms or the underworld. Remove all defilement and tainting and as your child please restore my godly dreams from heavenly places.

I repent for myself or any of my ancestors who have visited sangomas, witches or warlocks for their love witchcraft (muti). I repent of buying, accepting and using their love potions (muti).  I repent of rituals performed, invocations offered up, using of baths, washes, charms and psychic prayers. I repent of having my body rubbed with ceremonial liquids or allowing ceremonial liquids to be poured over my body.

I repent for the breaking up of marriages, covenants, divorces, and the destroyed relationships that resulted from having relations with these spirits. I ask that you would break off all false love, lust, hatred, impotency, frigidity, sickness and disease that have been caused by these spirits.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for all fornication, adultery, incest, homosexuality, and sexual addiction. I repent for all pornography, rape, abuse, masturbation, lust, and fantasy lust, any ungodly sexual contact with other people, bestiality (animals), all sexual perversion, and sex for money.

I repent on behalf of myself and my family line for the shedding innocent blood through abortion and human sacrifices. I repent of murder, pride, greed, rage, hate, jealousy, pretense, falseness, cursing, and lying.

Father, on behalf of myself and my family line I repent of having been involved in acts that showed worship and obedience to Satan and his demons through having sexual relations outside of marriage. Lord, forgive us for not following Your commands.

In the Name of Jesus I renounce all ungodly soul ties with ________________.  Father I ask You to break it from my spirit, my mind and my body. Break in Jesus Name! I now apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over all ungodly ties.

Father, I repent for allowing these evil spirits to reduce and control my will.  I now choose to put my spirit, will, emotions, mind and body under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Now in the name of Jesus Christ I renounce and demand the demons Incubus, Succubus, Incubi, Succubi, Eldonna and Mare to come out of my body, my conscious, my subconscious and my unconscious mind.

I break off these spirits from my tongue, hands, fingers, breasts, sexual organs or any part of my body.

I will no longer serve these demon spirits. I renounce Satan and all his works. I stand in the authority that I have as a believer and in the name of Jesus I cast out any spirits that have been residing in my body.

I command all confusion to leave and I call back all parts that have been scattered or fragmented.

I ask You to forgive me, wash and cleanse and I ask You to restore my innocence. Please increase my love for You and to give me the ability to be truly faithful and intimate with You.

Thank you Lord.