Bob Jones - Death Testimony

[Note from Sandy Warner:  This was transcribed from a conference held in Albany Oregon, 2006.  Permission was given to post this.  I have inserted the scriptural references to Bob’s comments at the bottom of his testimony.  You may find the footnote (numbers) inserted into the transcription.]

“I was in pain on the earth and blood was shooting out of my mouth like a geyser.

And all of a sudden I wasn’t in pain anymore.  This Man, the Parakleet (1) stood by my side, the Holy Spirit, we started walking.  And as we walked, I saw a Man who was white light. (2)  All white light was around Him, but He was the whitest of all white lights.  He had His hands out.  As I came into that white light, there came a feeling over me like I had never known before.  I asked the Man beside me, “What is that?”  The Man (Holy Spirit) said, It is the love of God.  I said, “It’s just so wonderful, it’s so glorious.”  And He said, “That’s what it is, it’s the glory of God.”  I said, “How can it be both?”  It’s in John 17.  The love I had with the Father, the glory I had with the Father.  So that was the greatest experience I have ever had.  Just enveloped in His glorious love.  That’s possible down here.  The glory of God is coming and it is going to be in His glorious love. 

I noticed another group of people on my left side and they had like a conveyor belt underneath them.  And they were wrapped up in all different kinds of things.  And I looked at them and I asked this Man, “Why are they wrapped up that way?”  And He said, “They were wrapped up in the earth with their gods.  It’s the gods they worshipped on the earth, that followed them into death.  They were on their way to hell with their gods.  I saw a man wrapped up in dollar bills.  I saw a man wrapped up in his sod or grass, his yard was his god.  I saw a man that had no body, he was just one big head.  He was an atheist, he worshipped himself.  He was his own god and going to hell with it.  I saw all manner of things who people worshipped on the earth, who they are going to spend eternity with.  Well I worshipped the Lord and I am going to spend eternity with Him.   But these others that don’t are going to spend eternity in total darkness with their god.  And their gods will be their tormentors not a hundred thousand years, but eternity.

So I looked at that line.  It was so horrible and everyone when they came there, they recognized Him.  Their eyes got big, and everyone that is going to hell has had a witness in one way or another that there is a God.  And everyone of them willingly denied Him.  For each 2 in the line that I was in, there was 98 in the other line.

I watched the Lord speak to people that were coming there.  And He asked them only one question:  “Did you learn to love?”  He’s not going to ask you what you did.  If you learn to love you are going to do that which is right.  Did you learn to love?  (3) He would ask them that question and they would say, Yes Lord and He would kiss them right on the lips and embrace them and the double doors of His heart would open and they would go right on in. 

Some of them had a lot of angels with them and they would go on in.  The angels went in because they had testimonies, they helped people do things on the earth.  They have no testimony until they help you do something.  You are the ones that will judge angels by their rewards for what they helped you do. (4)  They are more willing to help you do something, than you are willing to submit and let them help you do it. 

As I came close to the Lord, I was thinking, “I learned to love.  I’m OK, I’m going home.”  As I did, He held His hand up to me and said, “No I want you to go back.”  I told Him, “It was too hard to get here.  I don’t want to because I wasn’t doing any good there.”  He said, “You are a liar, because you spoke My Words and My Words will always bring it to pass.”  I said, “Well nobody was believing it and it was painful.”  He said, “Yes, and you have a cowardly nature too.  [Up there, it’s the truth.] (5)  But you love.  You had a heart for souls.  I want you to go back.  If you look at that line over there and then tell me you want to come in, I will bring you in.”

I looked at that line and looked at their faces and said I would go back for one.  I would go back and spend a day on a cross for one.  He said, “I’m not sending you back for that.  I’m sending you back to wake up the church because I am going to bring a billion youth to Myself.  In one of the greatest waves of all times.  I’m going to honor Myself beyond anything that man can imagine.  I want you to go back and touch the church and speak to the church of what I am going to do in these last days.”  So I told Him I would come back. 

I came back.  I thought that when I come back into my body I would be healed.  As I came back I saw 2 of the biggest angels I have ever seen.  I know who they are.  They are the resurrection angels. (6)  And I saw the death spirit and he left when I came back in.  And when I went back into the body I wasn’t healed.  The pain was there and I couldn’t understand why.  And I was gone probably for about 3 hours.  The pain was there and I said, “What’s going on Lord?”  And then I heard a phone ring.  And I saw people answering the phone and they were saying, “Bob Jones needs prayer.”  And they would start praying and I felt better.  And it was a Friday. 

People kept praying and it kept increasing and increasing.  And then people came over and prayed for me Friday night til the pain wasn’t hardly there.  And then Friday night, Sat morning at 3 o clock the last person quit praying for me.  I could see who was praying for me.  The pain was coming back and I thought, “Boy it’s going to be a long time.”  And then I saw an old sister who wasn’t thought highly of in the church because she didn’t take too many baths.  She always sat in the last seat in back.  And she cleaned offices for a living. She got up early in the morning and cleaned offices.  And her phone rang and she answered it.  She got up at 3 o clock in the morning and started praying for me and I went to sleep.  And then she had to go to work at 5 and others began to pray for me, so Saturday was pretty good.  It went pretty well.  People came over Saturday and I thought, “Well I know He sent me back down here to live.”  And prayer and intercession sure made the difference. 

And Saturday night it went on pretty good until about 3 o clock and all the other prayer ended.  Except hers.  She got up and went to praying for me again.  She prayed for me until about 7 o clock.  She didnt have to work on a Sunday.  At 7 o clock was the worst time that I saw because there was no prayer.  People were going to church. 

And it was really bad until about 10:05.  At 10 o’clock, Viola asked me how are you doing?  I told her I was worse then than I had ever been and I was swelling so bad I couldn’t even get out of bed.  At 10:05 I became totally normal, totally delivered.  I got up and we went to church and I testified of it.

I found out the value of prayer. (7)  And I found out the value of not having an opinion about saints.  ( I found out the value of ministry. (9)  That one saint was able to void all of it to where I could sleep.”

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