Blessed Heavenly Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I desire to walk in the Spirit today. I recognize that only as he manifests the life of Jesus Christ in me will I be able to escape the works of my flesh. I pray that the Holy Spirit may produce His fruit within my whole being and shed abroad in my heart great love for the heavenly Father, for the Lord Jesus Christ, and for others about me.

Forgive me, dear Holy Spirit, for the many times I have grieved You by my sinning. Grant to me always the awareness of my sins that I might quickly confess them to God. Grant me also the desire to obey God’s precious Word. Grant me discernment to avoid being deceived by false spirits.
I desire that the Holy Spirit fill all my being with His presence and control me by faith. Fill me, heavenly Father, with His power that You might be glorified through the invincible strength You provide me to do Your will. I trust my victory over the flesh today completely into the hands of the Holy Spirit as I let Him take control of me.

All of this I ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for Your glory. Amen.