Loving heavenly Father, I come in humble obedience to use the weapons of my warfare against the darkness that is seeking to rule the people of my city, country, and world.  I affirm that the weapons You have given me have divine power that is sufficient to demolish every stronghold satan has built to hold back Your plan.

In the Lord Jesus Christ’s mighty name I use the weapons of my warfare to weaken and demolish every dominion, authority, power of
darkness, and wicked spirit in the heavenly realm who has strategized to hinder revival.

  1.  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of His blood, I pull down all levels of the stronghold of ___________________. (Choose items from the following list.  The list is only suggestive, not exhaustive.)

    1. Pornography
    2. Perverted sexual practices
    3. Adultery and prostitution
    4. Drug use
    5. Alcohol addiction
    6. Abortion ;practices and promotion
    7. New Age teaching
    8. Occult promotion and activity
    9. Stan worship
    10. Religious cults and isms (Name those you know.)
    11. Divisive influences in the church
    12. Violence and abuse
    13. Divorce and family disunity
    14. Materialism and greed
    15. Pride and spiritual indifference

Heavenly Father, assign holy angels to engage in direct combat against these strongholds of evil.  Thank you that, no mater how formidable and threatening the forces of darkness become, those who are with us are always “more” than those who are with them.  Amen.