Throughout the country there are thousands of you tonight who can’t sleep because you have been psychologically abused by your mates or others, while they pretended nothing was wrong! “I abused my wife for years without ever laying a hand on her,” one husband confessed. “I kidded myself into thinking I was a good husband, but I nearly destroyed her with hidden contempt.” The wife of this man is not alone.

This kind of hidden assault is something Jesus encountered almost daily with the Pharisees. They smiled with their lips while they hated and judged Him in their hearts. Yet in His life we see a truth emerge that is also shown in Proverbs: “He who hates, pretends with his lips, but stores up deceit within him. When he speaks kindly, do not trust him, for seven abominations are in his heart. Though his hatred cover itself with guile, his wickedness shall be shown openly before the assembly” (Proverbs 26:24-26, AMP).

All hypocrisy is eventually exposed…no clandestine abuse will remain hidden forever. Just as the mask of the Pharisees was eventually stripped off, so the abuser in your life will someday have his “day in court.”

Meanwhile, don’t just lie there victimized…Go to war! Use this time to bind every foul spirit that has this person deceived and bound. Loose God’s power into his life daily…hourly if you have to, so when the darkness is exposed they will not perish, but be saved!