Father, I praise You and thank You for the glorious gift of Your love that covered us with the precious blood of Jesus for its power to forgive and cleanse us.  I ask You to shine the light of Your love in my heart by the spirit and show me any part of me that is anything less than the expression of Your love.  Anything that keeps me from loving You with all my heart, and all my soul and all my might.  Anything that keeps me from loving my neighbor, anything that keeps me from loving myself.

(Now, give Holy Spirit a moment to show you any violation of the law of love in your life.)

I now judge myself according to I Corinthians 11:31-32 and I confess the unloving way in me of (name it).  I repent of it.  I believe Your Word that as I have confessed my sins, You are faithful and just to forgive my sin and to cleanse me of all that is not right. I trust You to keep me right  just like You served me  by the power of Jesus’ blood!

I’ll yield to Your Spirit within me to keep my spirit system clean  to keep my conscience clear and to keep me from being a wreck.  And I stand firm that my clean spirit system will be a vessel for Your overflow into my life and into the lives of every time in my world.

In Jesus’ name Amen