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During this message a video was played with Katie Souza speaking on offenses.  This video can be found here Katie Souza’s website is


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Fresh Word – Feb 5, 2016

Tomorrow will blow you away. Then the next day will blow you away again. Then the next day will blow you even further away. By this I am telling My Body that every day is going to be more extravagant than the day before. There will be so many signs, wonders and miracles being performed, […]

Fresh Word – Feb 4, 2016 – More

My church is on the move; the miracles, signs and wonders are on the move and many transitions are taking place all over the place. There is going to be heard a big buzz coming from My Sanctuaries because of the quality and quantity of miracles that are already taking place. I have not been […]

Fresh Word – Feb 3, 2016 – Call Upon Me

Call upon Me in the hours of trouble and I will hear saith the Father. I am not afar off little ones, I am right there beside you and I constantly listen for your voice; whether it is a cry for help; or it is a cry of complete adoration and joy. You must understand […]

Fresh Word – Feb 2, 2016

There is always something going on in the Spiritual Realm and if you will draw close to Me; you will be partaker of that activity. I so desire to have My children partake of the Heavenly things and co-labor with the Angelic Host. My Angelic Host are ever on the alert, constantly listening for the […]

I Have Promised To Provide For You

If I am not too busy to stop and listen to the beautiful melody and song of the birds, why would you think I am too busy for you? I love to hear their songs of praise just as I love to hear the praises come from your lips that have flowed from your heart. […]