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Healing The Brokenness

I am touching and healing the brokenness of My people. I am coming down and touching the hearts of those that are bleeding and searching for restoration and completion. I am coming and rescuing those who are feeling like they are dying and need to be revived once again. I am coming down and breathing […]

April 25, 2015 – Fresh Word

Hi Folks, How are you doing with your self will? I have promised you everything that you could possible need; if you would follow My Word; but as of yet you have not rendered your wills to your Father in Heaven and I cannot accomplish the things I need and promised you in your life. […]

Prayer Against Behemoth Spirits

Please note that in Job 40 and 41 both Behemoth and Leviathan are referred together as “water monsters, although Leviathan is more of a marine spirit and behemoth is the equally large, formidable spirit that can be both in water and upon land.” In scripture, God uses the illustrations to convey the massive size and […]

My Love Prevails

Things come and things go but one thing is for sure: My love remains. Times come when My wrath comes down and times for discipline, but through it all My love remains. My love is sure. My love is truth. My love doesn’t disappear or vanish in thin air. My love always remains. No matter […]

April 24, 2015 – Fresh Word

To: Evangelist Barbara Lynch Dear Father; when are you going to move? Do you understand how often I hear that statement? I have spoken over and over again that I will move in My timing and all you need to do is be still and allow Me to work the works that need to be […]