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New Songs, New Melodies

I am placing new songs and new melodies in the hearts of My people. These songs and melodies are going to be one with them. It will be used in many different ways. It will be used as different tools that is needed to equip you, My people with what you will need at the […]

Fresh Word – October 8, 2015

Where are we headed? I hear that phrase over and over again; and I have already answered that question over and over again. Once again I am saying: you are headed for one of the biggest events in church history and it will completely blow you away when it occurs. Many have already given up […]

The Test of Patience

My children, now is the time that many of you are being tested in the area of your patience and your ability to press on in all areas no matter what is going on. Many of you want to live off of microwave dinners in your promises from Me. Quick, fast, and in a hurry. […]

Fresh Word – October 7, 2015

Keep marching; keep marching; keep marching and never stop marching towards the goal I have sent before you. It does not matter what the enemy throws your way, you are more than a conqueror through Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior. Do you understand how much you mean to Him? Do you understand the ultimate […]

Step out of Your Own Understanding

You must step out of your own understanding and your own ways. I have been pulling on you over and over and over again and still you have not stepped out of this realm. You are even trying to step out of this realm you are doing it with your own ability and not coming […]