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Fresh Word – August 3, 2015

More than enough! I am more than enough no matter what trial you find yourselves in. My Word is full of My promises to you My Beloved Ones and I never go back on My Word. You are in a season when as you cry out to Me, I will send the angelic host to […]

What Do You Really Want From Me?

What do you really want from Me, My children? I really want you to think and find this answer for yourself. I have so much to give and offer you. How high do you really want to go? Really ponder on this question and be totally honest with yourself. Are you willing to pay the […]

Fresh Word – August 2, 2015

Blessed are the poor in spirit for they shall inherit the Kingdom of heaven. Church, count yourself blessed if you are being persecuted at this given time. Count yourself blessed if your enemies are encompassing you on all sides. Count yourself blessed when the enemy bombards you with discouragement and malfunctions of all sorts; for […]

The Storms Are Coming

Wild spontaneous lighting and atomic sounds of thunder, the storms are coming as the war of the heavenlies increase. I am going to be striking down the wicked ones in a way they never imagined. They dare to mock Me. They are going to know I am God when I am done with them. Then […]

Look Past The Enemy

You must look past all that the enemy is throwing your way. He is trying to get you caught up in battles that are not yours to fight. He is trying to discourage My children and cause them to turn their eyes off of Me. Do not fall into this trap. Do not allow the […]