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Fresh Word – Dec 8, 2016 – Time Has Come

Fix your eyes upon Me and never look around; for this is the hour of great salvations and I need your undivided attention. I will be speaking into the ears of those who are intuned to My voice at this given time. I have many secrets that I need to reveal to My people and […]

Fresh Word – Dec 7, 2016 – Glory

No one will be disappointed when the Glory drops, absolutely no one! For My Glory will surely cover the nations and great will be the outcome. I have spoken about the prophet Joel season over and over again and now that season is upon My church and I am ready to move forward. Are you […]

Fresh Word – Dec 6, 2016 – Big Question

Daughter, what is the big question out there right now? Right! Where is the Fullness of My Glory? Children I say unto you this night; you will see the Fullness of My Glory when you give the fullness of yourselves unto Me, the True and Living God. You keep asking favors of Me; but you […]

Fresh Word – Dec 5, 2016 – Embarkment

Today is an embarkment day. Many will embark on new assignments that will carry them into the unknown realm of the Heavenly Kingdom. Today is the day that many will be re-commissioned to carry out new assignments for the Heavenly Father. Today is the new day for many that I have been talking about. Today […]

Fresh Word – Dec 4, 2016 – Fight

Now is not the time to turn tail and run; now is the time to stand up and face your enemy and destroy his works. Why do My people keep running from the enemy, when in fact, they have every weapon available to them to destroy his works on all sides. Church where is your […]