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Fresh Word – Oct 26, 2016 – Lift Up Your Heads

My children lift up your heads; for your salvation is drawing nigh unto you this day. Seek after the things of the Heavenly Kingdom; not the things of this world; for this world is going astray moment by moment and second by second. This world is wayward and becoming darker every second. Do not partake […]

Fresh Word – Oct 25, 2016 – Work To Be Done

Children there is so much to be accomplished in My Kingdom; please draw nigh unto Me and get your daily instructions for that day. I will direct your footsteps each and every day; if you allow me to. I love you and I am with you wherever you go. Psalm 23 tells you: “A Psalm […]

Fresh Word – Oct 24, 2016 – Heartbreak

A Father’s heart is so easily broken when His children revert to witchcraft/rebellion. My heart breaks continually for the souls that are so needlessly lost every second. I have all they have need of; but they won’t reach out to that power source, they lean to their own understanding and in that place, the enemy […]

Fresh Word – October 23, 2016 – Abandonment

Abandonment! It will take complete abandonment on your part to get through this darkness that has already begun to invade the atmosphere around about and over you. The enemy has brought the darkness to My People like never before in the history of the church. There has always been dark days for My People; but […]

Fresh Word – Oct 21, 2016 – Draw Close

The circumstances of life are always going to be there. The in between times are always going to be there; for did I not say the days are going to become darker and darker? Well, it is unfolding right before your very eyes and still My Body of Believers will not believe what they are […]