True Followers of the Cross - Evangelist Barbara Lynch

A Prophetic Dream through Bro. Brett Connell

Time of Sifting Turning to Shifting

Today is a new Dawning
by Evangelist Barbara Lynch

Prayer, Contend, River, Revelation Knowledge & Forever Young
by Evangelist Barbara Lynch

My Son did not Suffer for Nothing My Children...
through Evangelist Barbara Lynch


Netanyahu Warns Congress: Deal Will Lead to Iranian Nuclear Bomb

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Tuesday that a proposed agreement between world powers and Iran was "a bad deal" that would not stop Tehran...


The Real Reason There's So Much Unchecked Sin in the Church

The gospel is for everyone. All sinners are welcome—liars, thieves, whoremongers, prostitutes, murderers, homosexuals, drunkards and drug addicts. The poor, the downtrodden, the broken-hearted...


The Barren are About to Give Birth

Luke 5:4-6 says, "When He had finished speaking, He said to Simon, 'Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch...


The Jezebel Spirit, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and Immorality in the Church

Lee Grady is right. Fifty Shades of Grey—erotic mommy porn that is making its way from the printed page to the big screen this...


Man Who Recovered From 12 Years in a Vegetative State Shares the Horror of Living as a ‘Ghost’

Martin Pistorius spent 12 years in a vegetative state trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with anyone. He was only 12 years old...




Failure to Obey - Documentary
... on Checkpoint Refusal (Full Movie)








Rev. Alan Farkas


Rhema Word Through Logos









Time of Sifting Turning to Shifting

Jesus told Simon Peter in Luke 22:31 "Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat." When we step into higher callings or promotions...


Resist Rationalizing the "President's" Evil

The complete mischaracterization of Christians as par with Islamic State terrorists by the occupant of the Oval Office has brought out some interesting thoughts from...


‘I Have Surrendered Myself to Our Creator’: Islamic State Hostage’s Heartbreaking Letter Reveals How God and Her Deep Faith Sustained Her

After news broke Tuesday that Kayla Mueller, an American aid worker who had been held captive by the Islamic State since 2013, died, her family...


New Survey Gives Startling Look at Size of Europe’s Jewish Population

The Jewish population of Europe has seen a massive drop in recent decades, even several generations after the Holocaust, according to a new survey from...


In Memory of John Paul Jackson

I want to thank each of you for the prayers and outpouring of encouragement we’ve received over the last year. After recovering miraculously...




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