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Fresh Word – September 1, 2015

A brand new month of excitement. A brand new month to stir up the gifts that lie dormant inside your vessel. Stir up the gifts my children; stir up my gifts and the go forth and use them to set the captives free. This is the month of much freedom for My elect. Go forth […]

Fastening and Securing Your Hearts

I am fastening your hearts and securing them into My bosom. For those who are willing to receive Me in My fullness and who are willing to forsake their own ways in place of Mine; I have come for you to take you into this secret place in Me.   I want you to feel […]

Fresh Word – August 31, 2015

Forever strong shall My warriors be; for I have equipped them with every spiritual weapon of warfare and they need not back down from the adversary; but like David of old, face the enemy head on knowing beforehand that the anointings in you are greater than any adversary. Always remember that the adversary came to […]

I am Fixing the Collateral Damage

My children, I am fixing the collateral damage that has happened from the attacks of the enemy and the wars of the flesh. I am restoring and renewing. I am reconstructing and rebuilding. When I am finished you are going to be better than what you were before. You will be changed. You will be […]

Fresh Word – August 30, 2015

Never misrepresent the moving of the Holy Spirit. My Holy Spirit is real and does not need any fake. If you will just pace yourselves with Me; I will show up and do the mighty works that needs to be accomplished. No where In My Word does it tell you that I need help accomplishing […]