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Fresh Word – May 20, 2024

Evangelist/Pastor Barbara While in prayer this morning The Father told me to read Isaiah 15. When I finished reading, He gave me this word. Utter destruction coming all across this great land called America. I am calling My people to fast and pray, but instead, they are doing their everyday routine. President Donald J Trump […]

Fresh Word – May 17, 2024

Evangelist/Pastor Barbara A man knows not where the wind blows. Therefore, he struggles under the heavy load that the enemy places on him. But fear not, for I am the great deliverer, and I cause the wind to blow; therefore, I know how to deliver My people as they hold onto My everlasting arms. It […]

Special Word – Rev. Alan Farkas – May 16, 2024

By Rev. Alan Farkas, Son, you will begin to see the destruction of your country. Before total destruction and captivity come, I will reap My harvest, for there are those among the judged that are to be saved, redeemed, and sanctified. I have a people among this wicked nation, and I will not forsake them. […]

Fresh Word #3 – May 16, 2024

By Evangelist/Pastor Barbara Where are the Spiritual Mothers and Fathers? Where are the Tears? Matthew 2:  18 (TLB) 18: “Screams of anguish come from Ramah, weeping unrestrained; Rachel weeping for her children, uncomforted— for they are dead.” Rachel was weeping for the innocent children who were being murdered. The sons who were dragged off captive […]

Fresh Word #2 – May 16, 2024

Evangelist/Pastor Barbara God gave me the same scripture this morning as yesterday morning. Isaiah 15. After I read it again, God said: War will rage upon American soil.  Many lives will be lost and much destruction. I have asked My people to get ready for the onslaught, but they will not heed My Voice. America, […]