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There Is A Shifting In The Spiritual Atmosphere

There is a shifting in the spiritual atmosphere. I am bringing fresh fire from the Heavens and I am preparing My children today to get ready for this fire that I am going to place upon them. I am renewing them and making them whole and complete. Those who totally and completely yield to Me […]

May 23, 2015 – Fresh Word

If My children will learn to dance in the midst of their trials, the trials would disappear! But My children are still bemoaning about all their troubles and they do not see any freedom or breakthroughs in their given situations. When they learn to dance like Miriam danced, they will see breakthrough after breakthrough. I […]

Come Spend Time With Me

My children, I have given you things to do. I have spoken words into your life. I have given you promises. I have given you instructions. I have done all these things for you. You take what I tell you and run with it, without asking Me for the full details or sitting in front […]

May 22, 2015 – Fresh Word

My children understand that deception is on every side and the enemy will come as an angel of light and he will speak great swelling words, convincing even the very elite that it is I speaking to them. I am asking you this day to not be deceived by another voice. How do you do […]

Defeat Should Never Be On Your Lips

Defeat should never be upon my children’s lips except to defeat the enemy. I have given every tool that you need to use, the price has already been paid, and the battle has already been won. My Son defeated the very enemy of your soul the day at Calvary when He gave His life for […]