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During this message a video was played with Katie Souza speaking on offenses.  This video can be found here Katie Souza’s website is


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Fresh Word – Feb 10, 2016 – Mulberry Trees

There is plenty of movement in the Mulberry Trees; for My Angelic Army is on the move to remove all hindrances to My Body of True Believers. You are going to see the prodigals coming back home and this time they will stay never to stray ever again. You will begin to see the world […]

Fresh Word – Feb 8, 2016 – Living Waters

Everyone that thirsts come to the living waters that never run dry. The well is overflowing and I am sending out the invitation to come and drink and thirst no more. My babies are splashing in the living waters of revival; signs, wonders and miracles at this given time. You will see the Revival Fires […]

I Am Calling You Into My Heart

I am calling you into My heart. I want to reveal to you My love and compassion for My people. I want to let you see through My eyes the lost and dying. I want you to experience My heart beat. I want you to feel the rhyme. I want you to become in tune […]

Fresh Word – Feb 7, 2016 – Blessing

The journey has been long and it has been hard and at times so difficult that you began to lose heart; but I came by and I gave you a personal touch and that touch allowed you to continue on in your journey. Those days are over and now it is mountain climbing time and […]

You Need To Come Before Me

I am calling My children to their knees more now than ever. You need to come before Me continuously so that I can fill you in on what is going on and what needs to be dealt with daily. You need to come before Me so that you can be equipped each and every day […]