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Relationships and Structures

My children, I am right now matching up teams and pairing people up to be prepared for what is about to take place. I am rearranging, restoring, removing, and rebuilding many different relationships. I want you to be aware of what I am doing and what circles you are involved with and surround yourself in. […]

Fresh Word – October 5, 2015 – Teach

Many of My people are still walking in spiritual poverty. I want each of My children to come and dine with Me on a daily basis. Come and sit at My feet and get their instructions for the day from the Almighty. I know how to motivate My children and I know exactly what I […]

Learn the True Meaning of Surrender and Submitting to Me

My children, you must stop yielding to Me in your own understanding and in your own ways. When you do this you are not really submitting your will but you are putting walls around Me and what you want Me to do and how. You are actually trying to control what I am doing and […]

Fresh Word – October 4, 2015

Some who have passed through the fire are about to undergo another test of endurance; but if they will remember all my words to them; they will make it. This is an unprecedented test and I had to allow it to prove My children’s walk with Me. During this endurance test, I will take them […]

My Body Must Be Cleaned

My children, My Body is spotted. I am now forced to bring drastic measures to bring holiness and righteousness with no blemishes back to My Body. I have warned, pleaded, wept, and have given chance after chance, but to no avail. No change has taken place. So many hearts have become cold and like stone. […]