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Fresh Word – Jan 23, 2017 – Get On Board

If you are not stepping on anyone’s toes; you are not doing My work. My work requires total freedom of speech. Without total freedom of speech; the heavens will be shut up and no one receives the freedom My Son died for. Choose freedom of speech and make a ripple effect that will touch the […]

Fresh Word – Jan 23, 2017 – Boiling Point

The fire is getting hotter and everything is coming to a full rolling boil and it is going to spill over into the sins of My peoples abroad everywhere. I have been stirring the pot and now it is ready to spill over and consume everything in its path. All the sinners will converge on […]

Fresh Word – Jan 22, 2017 – Cool Of The Day

Come to the garden and spend some quality time with your Father. I want to walk in the cool of the day with you and speak great swelling mysteries into your life. I am more than ready for this deeper relationship that I am calling you into. I am waiting as I did in the […]

Fresh Word – Jan 21, 2017

What did you expect little ones? The shouting Victory is over, now the work begins. You must continue to follow Me and listen for My still small voice all along the way. There will be many highlights along the way that will bring surprise and total shock; but you will not be amazed for you […]